New App Integration: Accept Forms Anywhere on Your Store

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Mesa is an automation platform for retailers on Shopify. Using this built-in Forms app, you can create new shopping experiences and engage your customers better. Our automation experts are available during your free 14-day trial, so get started today.


We’re happy to announce that Mesa now comes with a new built-in feature, Forms by Mesa. Make it easy for your customers to send you their data, sign-up for promotions, or even start a return order. Use any combination of field types you can imagine to create one-of-a-kind forms to meet your growing needs.

Take things a step further by extending your forms with automations and streamline your business. For example, once a customer submits a return, you can automatically send them an email and Slack your team members in one fell swoop. Or perhaps, it’s as simple as creating a sign-up form that connects with your favorite email marketing platform. Now that Mesa comes with Forms, the sky’s the limit.

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