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Our mission is to help merchants eliminate business obstacles & enhance their operations through automation.

MESA team at Disneyland California 2024
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Established in 2012

ShopPad was founded in 2012 with the vision to simplify everyday workflows for everyone, regardless of their technical expertise.

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Global Pioneers

With a track record of serving some of Shopify's largest clients, we transform complex challenges into seamless operations.

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Distributed Team

Our fully distributed team, enables us to harness top talent from anywhere to deliver exceptional and relevant workflow solutions.

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Above all, we value human connections.

We believe that genuine human connections are at the heart of our success. We strive to strengthen team bonds and foster a collaborative culture that reflects in the reliable and trustworthy solutions we offer to our merchants.

Our journey through time.

Get to know our team.

Our diverse talents are united by a shared commitment to innovation.

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Aaron Wadler
Cofounder, CEO
Ryan O’Donnell headshot 1 Ryan O’Donnell headshot 2
Ryan O’Donnell
Noah Wayne headshot 1 Noah Wayne headshot 2
Noah Wayne
Jen Sparks headshot 1 Jen Sparks headshot 2
Jen Sparks
Annette Powell headshot 1 Annette Powell headshot 2
Annette Powell
Customer Success
Darryl Norris headshot 1 Darryl Norris headshot 2
Darryl Norris
Jeff Lyon headshot 1 Jeff Lyon headshot 2
Jeff Lyon
Alex Schmoe headshot 1 Alex Schmoe headshot 2
Alex Schmoe
Anh Pham headshot 1 Anh Pham headshot 2
Anh Pham
Amanda Hom headshot 1 Amanda Hom headshot 2
Amanda Hom
Jordin Smith headshot 1 Jordin Smith headshot 2
Jordin Smith
Customer Success
Abby Salvador headshot 1 Abby Salvador headshot 2
Abby Salvador
Customer Success
Ash Maynor headshot 1 Ash Maynor headshot 2
Ash Maynor
Sophie Scheiner headshot 1 Sophie Scheiner headshot 2
Sophie Scheiner
Daniel White headshot 1 Daniel White headshot 2
Daniel White
Customer Success
Shannon Torchia headshot 1 Shannon Torchia headshot 2
Shannon Torchia
Customer Success
Emily Fladager headshot 1 Emily Fladager headshot 2
Emily Fladager
Customer Success
Jonathan Crawford headshot 1 Jonathan Crawford headshot 2
Jonathan Crawford

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