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Item 6
The best automation practices

Get started on your own journey with the resources to help along the way.

Item 1
How DTC businesses scale faster using automation

Gain insight into growing your business faster than your competitors.

Item 2
Popular workflows for fast-growing businesses

Ramp up your store with these key automations you can integrate today.

Item 3
Top apps to level up your Shopify store

A breakdown of proven Shopify apps to help skyrocket your growth.

Item 4
How automation can lead to ecommerce success

Ditch the menial tasks and free yourself up to concentrate on what really matters.

Item 5
The power of automation: 3 success stories

Hear it directly from other businesses that have already successfully embraced automation.

Ecommerce experts agree

“The real secret to scaling your business isn't getting more clients, increasing LTV, or launching more product lines. The real secret to business success is automation because you can't do anything else without it.”

Tracey Wallace

Director of Marketing at Marketerhire

“These strategies are easier to say than actually doing it because businesses need data automation and powerful tracking to do that. If a business doesn’t know their costs or their competitors’, none of these will work. Although pricing automation seems great, you must start collecting and storing data the right way in a pricing automation system.”

Yigit Kocak

Inbound Marketing Manager at Prisync

“We found that email automation accounted for 20–40% of ecommerce revenue, and the reason it performed so well is that it was integrated deeply with the ecommerce customer journey and could trigger emails in a near-infinite number of situations.”

Matt Schlicht

CEO at Octane AI

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Frequently asked questions

What are automations?

In its simplest form, technology used to perform manual tasks without your input. Think of it like dominos; you set them up; technology does the rest.

Do I need to know to code?

Most workflows don’t require coding; many non-technical folks are comfortable setting up and administering any operation.

Why do I need automation to scale my business?

Two words, time and money. Automation significantly reduces the chances of human error and redirects your time towards other aspects of your business—inefficiency alone costs companies 20-30% in total revenue every year.

Why is this playbook so good?

We are Shopify automation experts, with 12+ years of experience in the platform, generating the best results for Shopify merchants.

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Enter your details below to get instant access to the exclusive playbook for automating your workload with Shopify.

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“The major issues were worked out before the holiday rush, allowing us to complete our busiest part of the year successfully.” Deb Taber Infrastructure Manager Brand