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Affordable, transparent pricing.

Transparent Pricing
  • $8.99/mo
  • Hobby
  • Ideal for businesses with simple needs.
  • $36.00/mo
  • Professional
  • Best for fast-growing operations.
  • $99.00/mo
  • Business
  • Perfect for businesses that want it all.

We offer an enterprise plan for global brands and large-size retailers. Contracts, SLAs, annual terms are available.

Do I need to know how to code?
MESA has built-in features that gives technical users control over anything. However, many non-technical folks are comfortable setting up and administering any operation too. Good thing there is a free trial, eh?
What are automations?
A single run of a workflow. An automation can be initiated at a scheduled time and date, or when an event happens — like when a new order is created.
What is an active automation run?
Any time an enabled automation runs, it counts toward usage.
Are there any limitations?
MESA has certain maximum sizes and technical limits that are fully described here.
What if I need something not listed here?
Contact us to speak with our experts. They offer flat-rate onboarding if you need that sort of thing or are generally around 24/7 if you're stuck on something.

Life’s too short for ERPs.

You're not burnt out; you just need a better way to work.

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