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Identify Routine Tasks, Then Create Workflows

Mesa automates some of the most repetitive tasks so you can focus on what matters most: growing your Shopify store.

Create workflows for any action

Whatever step you take, Mesa has a workflow for it. You can launch a workflow for whatever action your customer takes, such as a new order or product return.

When I get a new order
Check if inventory is low
Send vendor an email to reorder

Simple, intuitive setup

Build custom workflows within a few clicks, thanks to our point-and-click setup: just fill in the blanks and go! Or, use some of our pre-built workflow templates of everyday eCommerce tasks to get started.

When a Shopify customer is updated
Query for Salesforce record
Update Salesforce customer

Less effort, more growth

Run your eCommerce business on autopilot. Mesa accelerates your store’s growth by turning work into workflows that run automatically in the cloud.

When an order is delivered
Wait 15 days
Send 'review ask' email to customer

Make Ecommerce Simple & Agile

Mesa makes it possible to design workflows without a single line of code. Make manual busywork as a thing of the past with our connections to apps such as Google Sheets, Salesforce and Slack.

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“We needed real-time bookings at golf courses to help automate our tee-time reservation business which was previously a manual process. Mesa helped reduce our operational costs while increasing customer satisfaction.”

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Integrate Your Existing Apps

Do more with the apps you love. Mesa integrates with the top Shopify tools out there, and we’re always adding new apps to our stack. Some of our integrations include LoyaltyLion, Klaviyo, ReCharge, and more.

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Powerful Platform

Our platform comes with numerous functionalities such as custom code, scheduling, and detailed logging to create the most effective workflows for any situation. In other words, the sky’s limit!

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Fully Supported

Our goal is to set you up for success. Our customer success team and onboarding services provide you with all the tools needed to quickly set up your workflows.

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