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How to get started

1 how it works: add mesa from shopify app store


Easily add on your Shopify store and free to get started.

2 how it works: connect the apps you use everyday

Connect Apps

We have all the apps your ecommerce business needs.

3 how it works: relax on a beach while your work is completed automatically

Chill Out

Save hours every week from your new automation lifestyle.

Anyone can easily automate Shopify

Deep app integrations

Open yourself up to new possibilities. Our limitless app integrations can connect all your apps in a way that fits your long-term needs best.

Each workflow can be uniquely yours with customizable steps that help you reach your goals faster.

Deep App Integrations

Leave the setup to us

Avoid the frustration of learning a new app. Let our expert team make your workflows.

It's that easy.

Now you can stay focused on what matters.

We'll even navigate your automation journey with you and help unlock improved processes. Let's get the most out of your every working minute.

Workflow Services

Helpful built-in apps

Need to be more productive? Upgrade your workflows with our included apps for everyday manual tasks. They’ll help you dig deeper into data, send more notifications and better manage your files.

And by cutting down on setup time, you can enjoy automation's fruits faster.

Shopify automation built-in apps

AI anywhere, anytime

Bringing the power of AI into your everyday work is now easier than ever before.

With your new personal assistant, you can count on it to craft a unique customer experience or easily analyze complex data trends day or night.

Increase your output while reducing operating costs.

That's a win-win.

Shopify powered with AI
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Reduce support tickets while improving customer satisfaction

“MESA is an asset to any business looking to provide a best-in-class customer experience.”

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“Not only did they create customized workflows that saved us from using a developer, the support is amazing.”


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“Simple and easy to use. Lots of integrations and tons of ways to customize. Great staff to help accomplish goals.”


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“Their support team has been great and they've helped setup a number of workflows for us quickly.”


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