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Automate your shopping experiences

How MESA helps you get more work done:

No programmer?
No problem.

Automations have all the power of code without the learning curve. With MESA, you can customize the way Shopify and your apps work with one-click integrations.

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Visualize your boost
in productivity.

Start with our workflow templates or build automations from scratch. MESA unifies all of your tools to provide a central source of truth for your business.

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Work on what you're great at.

With automation, you can focus on the bigger picture knowing that everything is still getting done reliably and efficiently.

Get more work done with automation

That satisfying feeling of accomplishment, more often.

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Daily results that matter.

Accomplish more with automations that improve your quality of work. You’ll grow your business more than you think.

Your business thriving 24/7.

Imagine automation as your new hire. Tasks are done accurately around the clock without your attention.

Make informed decisions.

Rely on data you can trust to drive your decision-making. With your newfound confidence, you can tackle higher impact projects you're excited about.

Peace of mind is right around the corner.

Simplify your workload in ways you couldn't do in the past with the ease of automation. You can kick your feet up a little more with all that stress gone.

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Artisan jewelry maker decreased order processing time by 85%

“The workflows were running before the holiday rush, allowing us to successfully complete our busiest part of the year.”
- Deb Taber, Infrastructure Manager

Getting started with Shopify automation is a breeze.

Image: Shopify Automation Starter Pack
Shopify Automation Starter Pack

Your path to successful scalability begins with these simple workflows. Now's the time to join other merchants embracing automation.

Image: Save Shopify orders to Google Sheets
Save Shopify orders to Google Sheets

Save order data from Shopify to Google Sheets every time an order is created. Start with this workflow template.

Image: Save product options to Shopify order notes
Save product options to Shopify order notes

This template simplifies adding product options directly to the order notes, allowing everything to be in one place.

Are you ready for automation?

No code experience, no problem. You don't need to be a developer to use automation. Download our free PDF filled with best practices and tips to get you started.

Free Shopify Automation Playbook

Learn more about Shopify automation solutions.

Image: Popular Workflows for Shopify Plus Stores
5 Popular Workflows for Shopify Plus Stores

We've put together the top workflows every Shopify merchant needs in their back pocket. Handpicked by our MESA experts, this is our Shopify Automation Starter Pack.

Image: Best ERPs for Shopify stores
7 best ERPs for Shopify stores in 2021

Back-office operations are the backbone of every business. That’s why choosing the best ERP system is essential for the company’s success.

Image: Best CRMs for Shopify Stores
Best CRM for Shopify stores in 2021

Not every CRM platform is the same, either. Some are marketed to enterprises, others are marketed to small businesses, and some even cater to specific industries.

Image: Etsy and Shopify Better Together
Why having Shopify and Etsy is better together

Even though merchants might feel pressure to choose between Shopify and Etsy, the truth is they are not substitutes.