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Build and grow your business with a platform focused on eCommerce automation.

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Build, Connect, Extend Your Online Store

Whether you're looking to launch a new brand, or take your enterprise to the next level, enable your success with the power of eCommerce Automation.

Mesa works within your store to synchronize data, integrate third-party systems and applications, connect API's, send notifications, and more. Now your store will get more done, in less time.

“Great app for streamlining processes. The support team were incredibly helpful in assisting with implementation.”
- The Pedla
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Mesa is the world's most powerful automation platform because it is built from the ground-up with developers in mind. Because technical users can always view and edit the code of Mesa automations, you'll never worry about outgrowing your automation platform. Without the typical limits, automations become as creative as you are. Use them to launch campaigns, experiment with new ideas, and express deliver unique experiences to your shoppers.
Ecommerce automation allows stores to add new features to Shopify's ecommerce platform without the need for private apps. By leveraging a global ecosystem of API's, stores can quickly add the capabilities their business needs. Features like age verification, image detection, some other example, and more can be connected with ease.
Real-time activity logs provide complete transparency into the results of your automations so you can make improvements to your operations on the fly. Utilize the resulting data to optimize and improve your procedures over time.
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Create a cohesive tech stack unique to your business with Mesa at the center. Instead of prioritizing a Shopify integration when searching for a new system, prioritize the features you need, knowing Mesa can integrate any platform with Shopify.
Shopify isn’t the only platform you use. Mesa removes the borders between your systems and enables data to flow seamlessly throughout your ecosystem, empowering your team to innovate the new solutions to take your business to the next level.
Mesa’s queue and logs make it easy to know what’s happening where in your system, giving you complete control over your ecosystem. Monitor every action as it occurs and replay failed actions to identify issues.
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These templates cover common use-cases to give your team a jumpstart. Find templates for connecting popular tools like Salesforce to Shopify or for setting up foundational workflows like adding image colors to products as tags.
Mesa can perform those repetitive, daily activities that really start to add up. Use Mesa’s workflows to reject high-risk orders, send notifications to Slack, close draft orders, and even purchase postage. Use your newly freed up time to innovate the next big idea in your industry.
Mesa can quickly set up workflows to automatically tag your products, transfers, customers, orders, and blog posts. Update categories in bulk and as they are added, saving hours of work.
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