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Built for eCommerce

Mesa works within your store to synchronize data, integrate third-party systems and applications, connect API's, send notifications, and more. Now your store will get more done, in less time.

Optimized for Shopify Plus

Mesa is purpose-built for Shopify's platform and optimized for high-volume merchants on Shopify Plus. Utilize Plus-only API's, super-charge automations with Shopify Flow, synchronize data between clone stores, and take advantage of increased API rate limits.

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Mesa Automates eCommerce Businesses

Whether you're looking to launch a new brand, or take your enterprise to the next level, enable your success with the power of eCommerce Automation.


Add new features and capabilities to your Shopify store and achieve complete customization without needing apps.


Integrate a global ecosystem of software and data to sync Shopify with Netsuite ERP, Salesforce CRM, Fosdick 3PL and more.


Put operations on autopilot with workflows that can do things like reject fraudulent orders, or tag high-value customers.

The Most Popular Apps & Services

Easily deploy new automations with our extensive catalog of prebuilt libraries and templates.

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Express Yourself

Quickly build automations that enable unique campaigns, ideas, features, and experiments.

Real-time Monitoring

Search hours of logs in seconds from the browser, API, or command line interface.

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Mesa screenshot - Reply Task and View Payload

Edit & Replay Actions

Inspect, modify, and replay all of your historical actions right from within Mesa.

Unleash the Power of Automation

And unlock your growth potential.


Protocols & Formats

Mesa supports all popular communication and file formats including FTP, CSV, HTTP, XML & more.


Real-Time Insights

Gain full visibility and governance into the entire lifecycle of automations as events occur.


Serverless Infrastructure

Easily launch powerful automations that run in the cloud and scale with your business.


Creative Flexibility

Automations run in realtime on event-based triggers or any schedule that you define.


Built for Developers

Leverage V8 JavaScript, the world's most widely-used coding language, for infinite customization.


Key-Value Storage

Utilize high-performance state retrieval and secrets that are encrypted at rest.

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