The All-in-One Integration Platform
for Shopify

Connect your ecosystem of software and data to your Shopify store - from your CRM to WMS and everything in between.

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Integrate Your Shopify Store Faster Than Ever

Your systems in harmony.

1. Select Inputs & Outputs

Start by choosing the systems that need to be connected. Plug your Shopify store into an external system or another Shopify store.

2. Define the Logic

Next, use Scripts to build the automation logic like having Mesa push Shopify orders into your 3PL or using your ERP's data to update inventory automatically.

3. Scale with Automation

Monitor the health of your system from anywhere with real-time logs. Now, sit back and let Mesa run in the cloud, knowing it's able to support your growth.

Custom Connections

Your business doesn't function like any other. Neither should your integrations. With Mesa's customizable Scripts, you can make the connections you actually need and continue to iterate on the fly. Mesa empowers your unbridled creativity.

Made for Shopify Plus

Whether you're utilizing Plus-only APIs like Gift Cards or taking advantage of the increased API rate limit, Mesa was made to connect you seamlessly with Shopify Plus.


Fuel Your Growth with Mesa

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V8 JavaScript

Use the most popular coding language to rapidly write your business logic.


Inputs & Outputs

Quickly select and connect your systems for instant communication.


Effective Simplicity

Write sophisticated integrations and automations in just a few lines of code.


Key-Value Storage

High performance state retrieval and secrets are encrypted at rest.



Works your way with event-based triggers or a customizable schedule.


Real-Time Logs

Full visibility and governance of your platform as events occur.


Have a look inside…

Mesa is easily accessible from right within your Shopify store. From its homepage, you can overview your plan details and receive updates from our team.
Use the Scripts page to develop your custom automations and integrations. Using just a few lines of Javascript, you can instruct Mesa to pull data from one system and tell another system to act upon that data.
Mesa keeps real time activity logs to provide you with complete transparency of your system's health. These searchable logs enable you to pinpoint, diagnose, and fix any unexpected issues rapidly.

Product editions that scale with your growth

Flexible platform. Tailored pricing.

  • Professional
  • $299/mo
  • Billed Annually
  • 7-Day Log Retention
  • Email Support
  • 5,000 Monthly Orders
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  • Business
  • $799/mo
  • Billed Annually
  • 30-Day Log Retention
  • Email Support
  • 10,000 Monthly Orders
  • Get Started
  • Enterprise
  • $4,999/mo
  • Billed Annually
  • 6-Month Log Retention
  • Gold Support
  • 50,000+ Monthly Orders
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We're Here for You

Whether you've got an engineering team or are looking for a partner in code, Mesa's got options for you.

  • Onboarding services, including documentation and training packages
  • Email, chat, and phone support from our California-based customer success team
  • Development services available always to create, integrate, or iterate with you

Support Documentation

We've got the answers to your technical questions.



End-user guides & tutorials

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Mesa Script SDK

Technical JavaScript documentation

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API documentation

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