GLDN decreased processing time by 85% with MESA

GLDN is a jewelry shop providing personalized, handmade jewelry sold exclusively online. On a mission to make a difference, GLDN consciously works to minimize waste and maximize their positive impact. GLDN has over 85 employees working across three workspaces, including their studio in La Conner, Washington.

How can you streamline order processing?

GLDN’s original connections between Shopify and their ERP solution went out of business, leaving the company scrambling before the start of their busy season. They needed to find a way to tag their products with vital information, such as bills of materials, while managing their inventory across multiple sales channels. Without a functioning connection, GLDN would’ve lost their ability to fulfill orders in an accurate and timely manner. 

On a tight schedule, changing connections just before the holiday season was a risk for GLDN. If orders were missed, it could have affected current and future business. GLDN ran daily cross-checks among their different systems and worked closely with MESA to solve any issues that came up.

“The major issues were worked out before the holiday rush, allowing us to successfully complete our busiest part of the year.”

Deb Taber, Infrastructure Manager

Connecting systems with MESA 

Infrastructure Manager Deb Taber said the ability to self-manage parts of the process was a deciding factor in choosing MESA. She wanted to prepare for future development, but the offshoot of their former connector didn’t have that capacity. With a recommendation from their site development partner, Simplistic, GLDN went with MESA.

Sticking with the offshoot of their former connector would have had a higher per-month cost without the ability to address future development. Now, GLDN is able to integrate Shopify with an ERP while planning for deeper integrations in the future. 

Improving efficiency for a made-to-order business

GLDN’s integration with MESA has led to impressive results. Its inventory management and tagged product information have resulted in more successful orders for the company.  With MESA’s connection, time spent on reprocessing failed orders has been reduced by at least 85%.

GLDN found success in building workflow automations to manage inventory while planning for the company’s future. Get started with one of our 100% customizable workflows.

So, what's next?

  1. Add MESA from the Shopify App Store. Enjoy a 7-day free trial to start.
  2. Ask the experts if you need help personalizing any workflow, or ask us to build one for you. We're happy to help!
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