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MESA is Shopify's leading automation platform. Easily create workflows between Salesforce and your Shopify store to extend the power of Salesforce's capabilities. MESA removes the typical boundaries of integrators so you can choose to work with a pre-built workflow template or custom create your perfect automations.

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Better Business Intelligence

Companies that lead strategies based on data are 5% more productive and drive 6% higher revenue than others.

Customer Data in One Place

Improve marketing strategies, personalize email campaigns and send targeted ads to expand your reach.

Re-Engage Your Customers

No matter the customer channel, you’ll know exactly what to do to engage with customers and increase sales.

Create Workflows Between Shopify & Salesforce

Salesforce and Shopify work together beautifully with MESA. The workflow automation platform exclusive for ecommerce.

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Popular Shopify to Salesforce workflows to get you started quickly

MESA's customizable workflow templates can be deployed in minutes. Quickly integrate your Shopify store to Salesforce.

Send Shopify order to Salesforce contact

This workflow template sends orders from Shopify to Salesforce contact as soon as the order is created. This allows you to stay on top of critical information to keep track of your customers.

Send Shopify order To Salesforce opportunity

This workflow template will send orders from Shopify to Salesforce opportunity and opportunity products once the order is created. Easily track when orders are potential opportunities to increase sales.

Send Shopify order to Salesforce lead

This workflow template sends orders from Shopify to Salesforce leads as soon as the order is created on Shopify. Keep the momentum going by bridging the gap between these two major platforms.

Send Shopify customer to Salesforce contact

This workflow template sends your customers from Shopify to Salesforce contact as soon as the customer is created. Stay on top of your business by keeping track of your customers.

Send Salesforce lead to Shopify customer

This workflow template sends contact details from Salesforce to Shopify customer when a lead converts. Keep the momentum going by bridging the gap between these two major platforms.

Send Salesforce product to Shopify product

This workflow template sends the product details from Salesforce to a Shopify product when the Salesforce product is created. Save yourself time and let both platforms team up to share key information.

Using MESA's workflow builder, you can create custom automations between Salesforce and Shopify.

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Grow your Shopify business with the power of ecommerce automation

Whether you're launching a new brand, or taking an enterprise to the next level, power your success with ecommerce automation.

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Build Workflows

Use our built-in apps to extend the capabilities of your Shopify store and achieve complete customization without needing apps.

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Connect Your Data

Integrate a global ecosystem of software and data to sync Shopify with Hubspot, Salesforce CRM, Yotpo and more.

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Extend More Apps

Put operations on autopilot with workflows that can do things like reject fraudulent orders, or tag high-value customers.

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Artisan jewelry maker decreased order processing time by 85% with MESA

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“The major issues were worked out before the holiday rush, allowing us to successfully complete our busiest part of the year.”
- Deb Taber, Infrastructure Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Workflows?
Each workflow contains all of the steps, configuration and business logic to run a sequence of tasks on your behalf.
What are Automations?
A single run of a workflow is an automation. An automation can be initiated at a scheduled time and date, or when an event happens — like when a new order is created.
Are there any limitations?
The MESA platform has certain maximum sizes and technical limits that are more fully described here .
What if I need something not listed here?
With our flat-rate onboarding and 24/7 support, we're able to create solutions for just about any need your business requires. Contact us to speak with an automation expert today.
Do I need to know how to code?
MESA has built-in features that gives technical users complete control over automations with the JavaScript programming language. However, many non-technical users are comfortable setting up and administering day-to-day operations. Organizations of all types and sizes are able to use MESA, including those without dedicated I.T. departments.

It's how your business gets more done. No code. No developers.

Learn how to easily connect your Shopify store with Salesforce.

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