How to add customer support automation

Let’s answer the question: what is customer support automation? We’ll teach you how to grow your business fast by adding customer support automation into your daily routines. Get more everyday tasks done when you automate support.

Before diving in, check out our guide to customer support Shopify apps if you’re still figuring out the right strategy for your business.

What is customer support automation?

Customer support automation is software to make workflows from repeatable tasks that your team would otherwise perform manually.

Successful customer support thrives on speed and efficiency. As you scale your customer base, the complaints and problems will increase too. Customer support automation is the only way to deal with everything.

Thus, streamlining support will free up your team’s time.

Customer support tasks perfect for automation

Streamline the return process with a form on the order detail page. When a customer submits the form, you can start processing the return. This removes the back and forth between the customer and your support team.

Send team alerts to your email or Slack channel. Add a form to collect leads or general questions. Then, you can route the responses to your team accordingly.

Collect customer details by integrating your customer support app with a data analytics tool.

Prioritize tickets based on issue types in order to give a personalized experience. Then, you can auto-tag Shopify customers based on location, product or plan, and average order value.

Why automate customer support tasks?

The number one reason: automating repetitive tasks saves support staff time.

Particularly, think about the time you save when you don’t have to manually tag tickets for reporting or send updates to customers.

As a result, when your support staff has more time, they can:

Help more customers faster

Once the mundane tasks are out of the way, the team can focus on helping more customers faster. Providing excellent service through quick support is vital, given how one in three customers will simply leave after a bad experience.

Turn support into a profit center

The time automation saves can help turn support into a profit center. Then, staff can proactively seek opportunities to upsell or cross-sell customers into new products.

Save and make more money

First, let’s say you pay a full-time (160 hours per month) support staff member $5,000 per month. That’s $31.25 per hour. After automating support, the person saves 40 hours per month, which means you save $1,250 on support. Then, the employee can use this time to analyze customer communications and identify opportunities, contributing to top-line growth. Essentially, you spend less per support ticket and sell more.

Step-by-step instructions to automate support tasks

Gorgias is a customer support app tailor-made for Shopify businesses. It funnels all customer communications, from Twitter messages to conversations at your retail store, all into a single dashboard. Moreover, a simple view of customer communications makes the support team’s job easier. If you’re debating between Gorgias vs Zendesk, be sure to read our comparison article.

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to make a Gorgias automation. Be sure to install MESA on your Shopify store before proceeding.

  1. First, choose an app that creates the triggering event

    For example, let’s make a form that is embedded on the Shopify Order Details page.

    In the event a customer is viewing their order but needs to file a return, they can submit their details via the form and have their information create a ticket in Gorgias to handle the processing from there.form workflow step

  2. After setting up your form fields, Save your workflow.

    Specifically, saving the workflow at this point also help setup the data variables for the next steps in your workflow.returns form example

  3. Next, select Gorgias as the next action step

    Search for “gorgias” and click the app to add the action step.form to gorgias workflow

  4. Next, select the event Create Ticket

    Click the Use this button to add this action step. With the Create Ticket action added, we have a lot of configuration options available to us.gorgias create ticket action

  5. Next, add your Gorgias credentials for your workflow

    If you’re adding your credentials for the first time, follow the instructions to find your API key. Otherwise, choose your Gorgias credentials from the list provided.gorgias add credentials step

  6. Lastly, configure how the Gorgias ticket should come through

    First, you’ll need to assign the Team ID. Then scroll down to the Messages section. In the Body Text field you can click the { + } icon button to add the form message (if any).

    Optionally, other important fields to add token variables include Channel, Customer Email, Subject, and Via fields. These will help the data come through cleanly in Gorgias.gorgia create ticket options

  7. Finally, Enable and Save your automation

    Be sure to click the “Save” button and turn your automation to “On”. The automation will run every time a new form submission is received. MESA will proudly celebrate your achievement by popping confetti in your honor. Congratulations!gorgias automation success

Add this pre-made template today:

Get more done with automation

Regardless, let your support staff focus on conversations that need a human touch. Not wasting time on repeat tasks.

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