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What is MESA?

Picture having a group of reliable assistants poised to handle all the mundane tasks on your to-do list. MESA acts as your squad of friendly bots, eagerly diving into the routine work, leaving you with ample time to dream big and bring your innovative ideas to fruition.

Most popular Infinite Options workflows

  • ✨ 100% Customizable infinite options icon shopify icon

    Sync custom options on ordered products into Shopify order notes.

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  • ✨ 100% Customizable shopify icon google sheets icon

    Save Shopify orders to Google Sheets so anyone can see them.

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    Easy to use, actually

    MESA slides into your daily routine, making the whole 'automating tasks' gig feel like a breeze. No techy, mumbo-jumbo, just a simple way to get the mundane stuff done.


    All the (ecommerce) apps

    MESA talks with the tools you use, creating a harmonious digital workspace where everything clicks together, making your online store run like a well-oiled machine.


    Support squad you can count on

    MESA’s customer success team have your back. They’re there with friendly, can-do attitudes, ready to jump in and sort things out whenever you need them. Email, chat or schedule a session with a success manager.

Tackle your repetitive tasks at lightning speed.

"MESA is a game-changer for anyone looking to launch their online store. It is hands down the best!"

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"MESA is great for streamlining processes. The support team was incredibly helpful in assisting with implementation too."

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"MESA exports all orders with custom options to a Google Sheet in order to track production of these custom products."

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  • We saved $37,000 this year organizing order options for production.

    - PatchPanel

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From To-Do, to Ta-Da!

Automate everything with MESA.

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