Modern Times Finds A Flexible Sales Solution With Mesa

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Mesa is the only eCommerce automation platform exclusive to Shopify & Shopify Plus. Modern Times uses Mesa to manage unique workflows to increase sales. Using our no-code workflow builder, they took advantage of our premade templates to customize their automations, saving time on repetitive tasks. Watch your business grow with Mesa!


Modern Times is California’s very first employee-owned brewery. They make craft beer, source and roast single-origin coffee beans, and serve boundary-pushing vegan cuisine. They have eight locations across the United States from Southern California to the Pacific Northwest and (almost) everywhere in between.

A need for flexible systems

Modern Times needed a sales solution for their online store which would allow customers to pick up any products they ordered online in the actual store. The problem was Modern Times has eight different locations across America, and their current sales system made providing this service a real challenge.

This clunky sales interface led to a surge in customer dissatisfaction, and Jeremy Danenhauer, director of general operations at Modern Times knew he had to make a change. They tried other third party apps, but none had the flexibility needed to not only solve their problems but also keep up with their pace of growth. 

Mesa’s overhaul

Jeremy knew Modern Times was failing to live up to its full sales potential. The poor customer experience on the old website was leading to a loss in sales and a drop in brand image.

That’s when ShopPad, their eCommerce solutions partner, recommended Mesa. Mesa overhauled their sales system and got them the results they were looking for. This meant they were able to solve their site problems without having to spring for expensive and complicated site customizations.

Mesa is well thought out and can provide massive benefits to merchants of any size.

Jeremy Danenhauer, Director of General Operations at Modern Times

Recurring orders and fulfilled potential

Modern Times’ integration with Mesa has already impressed their sales team, citing an uptick in recurring orders directly related to the sales experience they’ve been able to craft for their loyal customers. They’ve also been able to keep expanding their business and keep pace with customer needs along the way.

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