How Campervan HQ reduced order processing time

Campervan HQ is an RV brand providing reliable equipment and gear for camper vans and RVs. Based in Boulder, CO, they offer products including generators, refrigerators, windows, and awnings. 

The problem with manual processing for orders 

For Campervan HQ, sending orders to suppliers was far from efficient. Rather than automating order data across systems, employees had to do everything manually, resulting in incorrect orders, shipment delays, and immense customer frustration. Now their brand’s reputation was on the line. 

Campervan HQ knew electronic data shouldn’t have to manually connect to different systems. There had to be a better way to process orders and limit mistakes.

That’s when they got MESA.

Try it! MESA has really paid off for us. Now we can focus more time on communicating with our customers, providing them much better support.

-Susan Dorsey, Operations Manager at Campervan HQ


Operations Manager Susan Dorsey said she thought about using other Shopify apps geared towards automating orders and processing. But after testing a few options and seeing glowing reviews, Susan liked MESA best. 

By leveraging MESA’s built-in email app, Campervan HQ decreased time spent communicating with customers about an order. Automated vendor-specific emails went out depending on the product purchased, eliminating the need for manual data entry. 

A happier customer makes a repeat customer

In collaborating with MESA, one of the biggest benefits for Campervan HQ has been smoothing out their order process. Rather than having a slow manual procedure, Susan said they’re saving a significant amount of time per order with the help of automation.

And even better: MESA’s integrations have improved customer satisfaction. Become more efficient today by automating the order process with MESA.

Campervan HQ found success in building workflow automation to drive success. Get started with one of our 100% customizable workflows!

So, what's next?

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