Why choose Salesforce CRM to integrate with your Shopify Store?

Delivering the best customer experience is easier said than done, but vital to your ecommerce success. It’s the difference between your Shopify store standing out from your competitors and just being another face in the crowd. With the right ecommerce toolbox, you can drive better decision-making and improve customer loyalty. 

Salesforce CRM is the game-changer you need for your Shopify store. It provides you with precise insights into your target customer, delivers a better brand experience, and gives you access to advanced marketing tools to step up your ecommerce game.

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A winning combination

Shopify stores have a lot to gain by implementing Salesforce to manage their customer experience better. Here are a few of the benefits that come with combining the power of Salesforce with your Shopify store:

Better business intelligence for your Shopify store

Want to improve your ecommerce strategy? Business intelligence is critical. According to research by McKinsey, companies that lead strategies based on data are 5% more productive and drive 6% higher revenue than other companies in their industry. 

Salesforce is the most advanced business intelligence tool that you can find in the market. You can customize the analytics platform to the unique needs of your ecommerce store, monitor the growth of your sales, and deliver presentations to your team on what tactics are working best in your marketing strategy.

As a bonus, you also get access to built-in tutorials and guides during the Salesforce product experience. With these resources at hand, you’ll have everything you need to get the most out of your Shopify store.

Collect all of your customer data in one place

The best way your brand can deliver an exceptional customer experience is by understanding your target audience. By knowing your customer’s demographics and purchase behavior, you’ll be able to personalize the shopping experience better, resulting in repeat purchases.

Salesforce allows your store to collect all of its customer data in one place. From there, you can use the data to improve your ecommerce marketing strategy, such as personalizing email campaigns or sending better-targeted ads to expand your brand reach.

For example, smart businesses connect Etsy to Shopify to reach marketplace audiences. If you’re selling on multiple sales channels, you’ll want that customer and order data synced back to a central source of truth.

Re-engage your customers

Unfortunately, customers won’t always return to your store by themselves. If you want to drive the most sales, you’ll have to find ways to re-engage your existing customers so that they always come back for more.

In fact, 41% of an ecommerce store’s revenue solely comes from just 8% of its customers. So if you’re not re-engaging your audience after their first purchase, you’re doing something wrong. Salesforce comes with all the tools you need to re-engage your customers across different channels to increase sales. Based on their engagement level, you’ll know exactly what to do to secure that repeat purchase. 

For example, Salesforce can help you identify which of your subscribers have been inactive for a long time allowing you to set up tactics to win them back. Re-target them with special offers such as discounts or let them know about new exciting products.

Final thoughts: Making the case

Now that we’ve explained why Salesforce is essential to your ecommerce strategy and how leveraging a better customer experience leads to more sales and repeat purchases, our next blog post will cover how to avoid the most common integration mistakes.

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