New Connector: Sell on Etsy, the creative marketplace where millions of shoppers spend billions each year

Etsy & Shopify Connected

Etsy is a online marketplace that enables merchants to sell their unique products to their audience of worldwide shoppers. Etsy provides eterprenuers everything needed to start, manage, and grow a creative business no matter how big their ambitions.

Now that Etsy is connected to Mesa, you can trigger a workflow in Mesa to act! For example, creating a new product listing can start automations so your Etsy online store listings and inventory can stay in sync with your Shopify store. Or whenever a new order has been created on your Etsy online store, you can notify various departments to keep everyone informed.

Mesa can perform numerous actions within Etsy such as deleting a listing after the products go out of stock. Catalog all receipts at the end of the month or update a listing if a product on your Shopify store has been created.

Get Started with Etsy and Mesa

Follow these simple instructions to get connected in a matter of minutes:

  • Install Mesa on your Shopify store
  • Sign up for Etsy, if you don’t already have an account
  • You can jump straight into Mesa’s workflow builder
  • Or jumpstart your automation using a pre-made template