New App Integration: Manage Marketing Operations With Hubspot

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Mesa is the only eCommerce automation platform exclusive to Shopify & Shopify Plus. Use our premade templates and no-code workflow builder to connect any project or application seamlessly. We’re happy to announce Hubspot workflow templates are available now!


Hubspot is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform. Its extensive features include marketing automation workflows, blast email sending, list building, a content manager, a CRM, sales automation, and live chat among other things.

Now that Hubspot is connected to Mesa, you can trigger any automation in Mesa when a contact, company, or deal is created or updated. That means that when a Hubspot contact is created, Mesa can syndicate it in Shopify. Or when a deal is created in Hubspot, Mesa can create a draft order in Shopify.

Mesa can also create, update, retrieve or delete contacts, companies, and deals in Hubspot. Additionally, a Mesa workflow can associate a company or deal with a contact or customer. So when a sale is made in Shopify, Mesa can create a deal and then associate that deal with a contact. Or when a shipment is delayed, Mesa can update the contact with that information.

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