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MESA is the easiest way to create Shopify Flow and AI integrations so you can automate any work - no code required.

MESA empowers you to build any solution. Scale faster and more efficiently than ever before. When you're able to build your ideas, you're free to explore unique ways to expand your role and business. What will you make today?

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How does AI work with Shopify Flow?

With Shopify Flow and AI integrations, you can get more done in days, not months. Automate the work that solves your everyday problems and the challenges currently holding back your progress.

  • Personalized Experiences

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    AI algorithms can analyze customer behavior, preferences, and purchasing history to create highly personalized shopping experiences. By recommending products and offers that align with individual preferences, AI helps to increase conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

  • Optimized Inventory Management

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    AI can provide intelligent forecasting and inventory optimization by analyzing trends, seasonal variations, and market demand. This predictive insight allows for more accurate stocking, minimizing overstocking or understocking issues, and thereby reducing costs and enhancing efficiency.

  • Enhanced Customer Support

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    AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants can provide 24/7 customer support, answering queries, resolving issues, and guiding customers through their buying journey. This not only improves customer engagement but also frees up human resources to focus on more complex tasks.

  • Data-Driven Marketing

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    AI enables automated, data-driven marketing campaigns that are both timely and relevant. By analyzing customer segments, behavior, and response rates, AI can craft marketing strategies that reach the right audience with the right message at the right time, thereby boosting marketing ROI.

  • Dynamic Pricing Strategies

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    AI can implement real-time dynamic pricing strategies based on various factors like demand, competition, seasonality, and even individual customer behavior. This flexible pricing approach helps in maximizing profits and competitiveness without the need for constant manual intervention.

  • Solve more business-critical tasks

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    MESA helps you simplify your operations into efficient workflows that run immediately when the work happens. More ideas are now possible and more challeneges can be solved through the power of no-code automation solutions.

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How to connect Shopify Flow to AI

Connecting Shopify Flow to AI has never been easier. With MESA, making complex integrations between Shopify Flow and AI only takes a few minutes — no code required. Automate basic data entry or connect the systems that run your business. Solve more business-critical problems with MESA and accomplish more with less resources.

  1. First, create a new workflow in MESA.

    Workflows are simply the steps of an automation that runs automatically.

  2. Next, pick one of the apps as a trigger step - this will start your workflow.

    This is what kicks off your automation to run automatically.

  3. Then, choose an action step from another app for unique customization.

    This is where the magic happens. 🪄

  4. Lastly, personalize the data being sent from one app to another.

    Use the various fields within each stel to personalize your workflow. Test your automation to ensure everything is running properly.

  5. Finished!

    Just turn on this Shopify Flow to AI workflow and MESA will start doing this work for you. Look at you embracing the automation lifestyle!

Build your own Shopify Flow AI workflows using these steps

Quickly make any workflow between two or more apps.

These are triggers. They're what start your workflow to run automatically. Use any of these trigger steps to start your workflow when…

These are actions. Workflows can multiple actions to make personalized integrations. Use any of these action steps to make your workflow do…

  • Trigger a Flow Workflow
    Send an event action to a workflow in Shopify Flow
  • Prompt
    Execute an open-ended prompt. The most flexible action.
  • Generate Text
    Generate copy by providing a prompt.
  • Extract Keywords
    Extract a list of keywords from text.
  • Summarize
    Generate a short summary from paragraph(s) of text.
  • Analyze Sentiment
    Determine whether the sentiment is positive, neutral, or negative.
  • Extract Contact Details
    Extracts the name, address, phone_number, email from freeform text.
  • Generate Product Title
    Execute a prompt to generate a product title.
  • Generate Product Description
    Execute a prompt to generate a product description.
  • Generate Product Tags
    Execute a prompt to generate product tags.
  • Generate Product Meta Title
    Execute a prompt to generate a product meta title.
  • Generate Product Meta Description
    Execute a prompt to generate a product meta description.
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One-day Workflow Wizards

Not interested in learning another app? Oooh, we get it. Alternatively, turn to a fast, efficient team who is all about getting your perfect workflow up and running in a flash. That's us by the way. In case that wasn't clear.

  1. Tell us about your workflow. Reach out and explain all the nuances to the challenges you're currently facing. Whether it's repetative tasks, keeping business systems in sync or creating new shopping experiences for your customers, our experts will listen
  2. We'll make it in 1 business day. Our experts will hand-craft the workflows to meet your exact needs. They'll setup each the automation on your store with each step configured to match your requirements so all you have to do is turn it on.
  3. Boom! Problem solved. Sit back and relax knowing you have MESA reliably handling this work automatically. Start exploring more ways to strealine your efforts and enjoy the automation lifestyle! 🚀

Learn more about AI integrations

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