Automate your store without writing code. Define tasks to create your Gorgias workflows and start automating today.

Gorgias Shopify Flow Integration

Integrate Gorgias and Shopify Flow in a few minutes

Easily design, create, and run automated workflows to use Gorgias and Shopify Flow together.

When this happens

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    Ticket Created
    When a ticket is created.
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    Customer Created
    When a customer is created.
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    Respond to Flow Action
    Respond to a flow action.

Then do this...

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    Trigger a Flow Workflow
    Trigger a flow workflow.
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    Create User
    Create a user.
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    Create Job
    Create a job.
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    Cancel Job
    Cancel a job.
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    Create Satisfaction Survey
    Create a satisfaction survey.
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    Update Satisfaction Survey
    Update a satisfaction survey.
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    Create Ticket
    Create a ticket.
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    Update Ticket
    Update a ticket.