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Infinite Options to Gorgias Integrations

Build automated workflows to use Infinite Options and Gorgias together for your Shopify store. Using Mesa'a visual workflow builder, you can define the automation workflow unique for your business. Transform the data during any integration step so it seamlessly fits however your business requires.

Start your Infinite Options to Gorgias integration when this happens:

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    Order Created
    Starts when a Shopify order is created with Infinite Options details.
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    Ticket Created
    Starts when a ticket is created.
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    Customer Created
    Starts when a customer is created.

Then build your Infinite Options to Gorgias workflow to do this:

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    Create User
    Create a new user in Gorgias.
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    List User
    Obtain a list of users.
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    Retrieve User
    Grab all details about the user.
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    Update User
    Modify an user.
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    Delete User
    Remove an user.
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    Create Job
    Create a new job in Gorgias.
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    List Job
    Obtain a list of jobs.
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    Retrieve Job
    Grab all details about the job.
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    Update Job
    Modify a job.
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    Delete Job
    Remove a job.
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    Create Satisfaction Survey
    Create a satisfaction survey in Gorgias.
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    Update Satisfaction Survey
    Modify a satisfaction survey with new information.
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    List Satisfaction Survey
    Obtain a list of satisfaction surveys.
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    Retrieve Satisfaction Survey
    Grab all details about the satisfaction survey.
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    Create Ticket
    Create a new ticket in Gorgias.
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    List Ticket
    Obtain a list of tickets.
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    Retrieve Ticket
    Grab all details about the ticket.
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    Update Ticket
    Modify a ticket with new information.
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    Delete Ticket
    Remove a ticket.
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