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As an ecommerce store, being able to keep track of data such as product and customer information is so vital. Thankfully, with Google Sheets, you can easily save all of your store’s spreadsheets in one place. Based on the cloud, you can create, edit, and share the document with your teammates anywhere, even with no internet connection. Since others can have access to the document as well, your team can edit the spreadsheet without the back-and-forth emails.

It’s fully compatible with Microsoft Excel, and you can seamlessly organize your spreadsheets in different folders on Google Drive. Google Sheets also provides pre-existing templates that fit businesses of all sorts. You’ll have endless ways to customize your spreadsheet to match the look and feel of your brand.

With MESA and Google Sheets together, you can send important information to existing Google Sheets automatically. You won’t have to manually fill in each spreadsheet with all your relevant Shopify store details.

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Creative Google Sheets Workflows

  • Send Shopify custom product details to Google Sheets when orders with custom options are purchased

  • Create a new Google Sheet when a large Etsy reciept is created

  • Backup customer email addresses to Google Sheets when customer account is created in Shopify

  • Automatically save Shopify order details to a Google Sheet to keep an up-to-date order log

  • Update a row in an Orders Google Sheet when a Returnly credit has been issued to the customer.

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“MESA customer support was amazing. They helped me get the automation up and running in a few hours. Thank you MESA for saving us time and money!”


“MESA is great and the support matches that. I'm no developer, but their team is quick to jump in and answer any questions that I have. I can't recommend them enough!”

★★★★★ Puzzery

“Very good app and support team. They always find a way to make it work for us.”

★★★★★ Ace Golf Cart

“Easy to set up flows and if you don't know exactly how their customer service is unbelievable. They reply within minutes and provide real solutions. 5-Star App for sure!”

★★★★★ Nutrition Faktory

“MESA is a powerful app that can do a LOT of thing. What sets the app apart is the level of service we received from their team.”

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“This app solves our exact need. Moreover, can't say enough great things about team! Never worked with a better support team! 6 stars”

★★★★★ Gladskin

“I can't say enough good about MESA and their support staff in helping us get up and running with some super-efficient workflows to help us streamline and automate processes.”

★★★★★ SANEStore

“The support team is incredible! They always worked hard to come up with solutions for the problems we were trying to solve through MESA.”

★★★★★ StyleMeGHD

“This is an exceptional app with a stellar customer support team.”

★★★★★ The Bride Box

“MESA has been such a time saver and so easy to use!”

★★★★★ Charleston Tea Garden