Recharge integrations made easy.

Subscription models can generate more revenue for your company by unlocking the potential of one-time purchases.

Subscriptions are becoming increasingly popular, with many people canceling their subscriptions after only a few months due to lacklustre product experiences or unclear benefits.

With MESA, Recharge can connect to more ecommerce apps to help turn non-subscribers into monthly customers. Add more automated workflows to handle orders in addition to forecasting inventory and tracking delivery dates.

Enjoy some peace of mind knowing your subscription business is organized and running efficiently.

Recharge integrations

Deep ecommerce integrations for the most creative workflows your business needs.

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Make Your Own Recharge Integrations

Deep integration options exclusively for ecommerce businesses.

Start a Recharge workflow when...

Then, make your workflow do this...

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    Orders Count
    Receive a total number of orders placed by the customer's email address.
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    Filter by Order Count of Subscription
    Check that the number you set is equal to the order's count in the duration of the customer's subscription.
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    Create Address
    Create a new address.
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    Retrieve Address
    Grab all details about the address.
  • Image
    Update Address
    Modify an address.
  • Image
    Delete Address
    Remove an address.
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    Get List of Addresses
    Obtain a list of all addresses.
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    Retrieve Charge
    Grab all details about a charge.
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    Apply Discount to Charge
    Apply a discount to a charge.
  • Image
    Remove Discount from Charge
    Take off a discount from a charge.
  • Image
    Skip a Charge
    Not process the charge.
  • Image
    Unskip a Charge
    Process a previously skipped charge.
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    Refund a Charge
    Issue a refund for a charge.
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    Process a Charge
    Process a charge.
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    Capture a Charge
    Capture funds of a previously authorized charge.
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    Get List of Charges
    Obtain a list of charges.
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    Update Checkout
    Modify a checkout's details.
  • Image
    Retrieve Checkout
    Grab all details about the checkout.
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    Retrieve Checkout Shipping Rates
    Get a list with details about checkout shipping rates.
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    Create Customer
    Create a customer.
  • Image
    Retrieve Customer
    Grab all details about the customer.
  • Image
    Update Customer
    Modify a customer's details.
  • Image
    Get List of Customers
    Obtain a list of customers.
  • Image
    Delete Customer
    Remove a customer.
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    Retrieve Payment Sources Customer
    Grab all details about the customer's payment sources.
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    Create Discount
    Create a discount.
  • Image
    Retrieve Discount
    Grab all details about the discount.
  • Image
    Update Discount
    Modify a discount's details.
  • Image
    Get List of Discounts
    Obtain a list of all discounts.
  • Image
    Delete Discount
    Remove a discount.
  • Image
    Create Metafield
    Create a metafield.
  • Image
    Retrieve Metafield
    Grab all details about the metafield.
  • Image
    Update Metafield
    Modify a metafield's details.
  • Image
    Get List of Metafields
    Obtain a list of all metafields.
  • Image
    Delete Metafield
    Remove a metafield.
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    Create Onetime Product
    Create an onetime product.
  • Image
    Retrieve Onetime Product
    Grab all details about the one time product.
  • Image
    Update Onetime Product
    Modify an onetime product's details.
  • Image
    Get List of Onetime Products
    Obtain a list of onetime products.
  • Image
    Delete Onetime Product
    Remove a onetime product.
  • Image
    Retrieve Order
    Grab all details about the order.
  • Image
    Update Order
    Modify an order's details.
  • Image
    Get List of Orders
    Obtain a list of orders.
  • Image
    Clone Order
    Duplicate an order.
  • Image
    Delete Order
    Remove an order.
  • Image
    Create Product
    Create a product.
  • Image
    Retrieve Product
    Grab all details about the product.
  • Image
    Update Product
    Modify a product's details.
  • Image
    Get List of Products
    Obtain a list of products.
  • Image
    Delete Product
    Remove a product.
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    Create Subscription
    Create a subscription.
  • Image
    Retrieve Subscription
    Grab all details about the subscription.
  • Image
    Update Subscription
    Modify a subscription's details.
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    Change Subscription's Next Charge Date
    Adjust a subscription's next charge date.
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    Change Subscription's Address
    Adjust a subscription's address.
  • Image
    Cancel Subscription
    Cancel a subscription.
  • Image
    Activate Subscription
    Enable a subscription.
  • Image
    Get List of Subscriptions
    Obtain a list of subscriptions.
  • Image
    Delete Subscription
    Remove a subscription.
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    Create Customer Notification
    Send a notification to a customer.
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    Get List of Customer Delivery Schedules
    Obtain a list of delivery schedules for a specific customer.
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    Create Onetime Address
    Create an onetime address.
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    Create Checkout
    Create a new checkout.
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    Create Charge
    Create a new charge.

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  • Subscription order auto tag

    Auto-tag Shopify Orders from Recharge

    MESA, the easy-to-use app that helps you keep track of your Recharge orders in Shopify. Tag new subscriptions with ease using MESA and never worry about manually tracking them again! Whether managing a small business or an enterprise subscription service - this workflow will save time so much faster than doing things by hand ever did before

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