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Shopify Plus is an eCommerce platform for high-volume stores that allow you to scale and take your business to new heights. Along with faster speed, you’re also getting more control and customization features over how you want to run your store.

The platform can handle thousands of transactions per minute with no limit to the number of products you can host. Customers will be able to have a pleasant experience without your website ever crashing due to high traffic. One feature on Shopify Plus that helps eCommerce businesses scale like no other is its multi-channel sales functionality. Aside from growing your online sales, It also helps merchants make more sales in-store and across social networks like Facebook and Pinterest.

Using automation on Shopify Plus goes a long way when it comes to saving time so you can focus on growing your store. With Mesa, we help you automate all the repetitive tasks that come with running an eCommerce store so you can focus on other business activities.

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Creative Shopify Plus Workflows

  • Create a new HubSpot contact when they've purchased a high-value item.

  • Verify the identify of customers purchasing age-restricted products and automatically cancel orders that fail to meet minimum age requirements.

  • Convert new orders into a CSV file and send to your 3PL warehouse.

  • Sync order to Salesforce when a customer is tagged with "wholesale."

  • Add customers to your Mailchimp list after their first order.

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“Great app for streamlining processes. The support team were incredibly helpful in assisting with implementation.”
The Pedla
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“The customer support team is UNREAL. Answered my questions in a timely manner and went so above and beyond to help me.”
Primally Pure
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“Mesa helped me automate tasks that take us a LOT of time. Now, we can focus on more important things for scaling the business.”
Club de Brodeuses
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