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Stellar customer support is a vital component of running a successful online store. Gorgias enables Shopify merchants to create and effectively manage customer service systems from one platform. Capabilities include live chat, ticket management, response automation, social media comment tracking, KPI tracking, and more.

With Mesa and Gorgias together, you can simplify the customer service aspect of your business and focus on innovation.

Starting a Gorgias automation...

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    Ticket Created
    When a ticket is created.
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    Customer Created
    When a customer is created.

Things you can do with a Gorgias automation...

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    Create User
    Create a user.
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    Create Job
    Create a job.
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    Cancel Job
    Cancel a job.
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    Create Satisfaction Survey
    Create a satisfaction survey.
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    Update Satisfaction Survey
    Update a satisfaction survey.
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    Create Ticket
    Create a ticket.
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    Update Ticket
    Update a ticket.