Gorgias Customer support Integrations

Gorgias is a help desk for eCommerce that connects all of your customer service in one place. The goal of the platform is to help you deliver excellent customer care without compromising your schedule.

For example, Gorgias sets up autoresponders with rules and assigns tickets based on topics and attributes. To prefill answers, the platform uses data such as shipping dates and order status for customer requests. For better customer service, Gorgias connects all of your support channels in one platform. You’ll be able to track everything customers are saying online, whether it be on social media or on your website: all you’ll have to do is scroll through the customer timeline to be up-to-date. Lastly, the software comes with advanced analytical features to track customer satisfaction scores and measure your support team’s impact on sales.

By connecting Gorgias to Mesa, you’ll be able to take your customer service to the next level. On top of creating workflows when a new ticket is created in Gorgias, you can also create satisfaction surveys within the platform itself.

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Creative Gorgias Workflows

  • Create a user in Gorgias when a new customer is created in Shopify.

  • Send a satisfaction survey when a Salesforce lead has been converted.

  • Track an event in Klaviyo when a Gorgias ticket is created.

  • Update a Gorgias ticket when a Shopify customer account has been updated.

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