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Take your customer service to the next level with the Shopify to Gorgias integration. Gorgias connects all your support channels in one platform that you can easily track without compromising your schedule. Share data such as shipping dates or order status from Shopify to Gorgias with advanced analytic features to track customer satisfaction scores.

Gorgias integrations

Deep ecommerce integrations for the most creative workflows your business needs.

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Make Your Own Gorgias Integrations

Deep integration options exclusively for ecommerce businesses.

Then, make your workflow do this...

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    Create User
    Create a new user in Gorgias.
  • Image
    List User
    Obtain a list of users.
  • Image
    Retrieve User
    Grab all details about the user.
  • Image
    Update User
    Modify a user.
  • Image
    Delete User
    Remove a user.
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    Create Job
    Create a new job in Gorgias.
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    List Job
    Obtain a list of jobs.
  • Image
    Retrieve Job
    Grab all details about the job.
  • Image
    Update Job
    Modify a job.
  • Image
    Delete Job
    Remove a job.
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    Create Satisfaction Survey
    Create a satisfaction survey in Gorgias.
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    Update Satisfaction Survey
    Modify a satisfaction survey with new information.
  • Image
    List Satisfaction Survey
    Obtain a list of satisfaction surveys.
  • Image
    Retrieve Satisfaction Survey
    Grab all details about the satisfaction survey.
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    Create Ticket
    Create a new ticket in Gorgias.
  • Image
    List Ticket
    Obtain a list of tickets.
  • Image
    Retrieve Ticket
    Grab all details about the ticket.
  • Image
    Update Ticket
    Modify a ticket with new information.
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    Delete Ticket
    Remove a ticket.

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