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This marketing automation platform is perfect for those who are not familiar with Marketing but want to improve their store's marketing strategies. By utilizing customers' preferences and real-time behavior, Klaviyo can help create personalized eCommerce experiences. Through Klaviyo, you can create social ads, emails, SMS, and discounts.

With Mesa and Klaviyo together, you can keep track of your marketing automations in one place.

Creative workflows to use Mesa with Klaviyo

  • Get real-time package status from Tracktor as events in Klaviyo and pro-actively email customers about delays receiving their order.

  • Notify customers when items in their preferred style become available.

  • Automatically subscribe your high-roller customers to a special "VIP" list.

  • Track an event in Klaviyo when a customer converts quickly.

  • Take personalization to the next level by enriching Klaviyo profiles with data from Shopify applications, APIs, and data sources.

Things you can do with a Klaviyo automation...

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    Create Track Event
    Create a track event.
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    List Subscribe
    Subscribe a customer to a Klaviyo email list.

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