Best Shopify SMS Marketing Apps

With ecommerce becoming ever more competitive, standing out among the crowd is more important today than ever. As online shopping grows, business owners need to know the best way to reach their customers with their marketing efforts.

If you need a new avenue to reach your buyers on Shopify, look no further than SMS marketing. Almost everyone has access to a connected mobile device – and outreach to these customers can have powerful means of promotion.

Once you understand how to send customized SMS messages at scale, you can encourage repeat business and grow your average order size.

What is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing can get lost in the shuffle with so much emphasis on social media and email marketing campaigns. SMS marketing works because it leverages the saturation of mobile devices in the global market and user engagement.

The world of digital messaging has evolved massively – yet SMS (short message service) messaging remains somewhat evergreen. Over 4.2 billion people worldwide continue to use SMS messaging on their devices – despite the rise of alternative messaging apps like Messenger, and WhatsApp.

This is not simply social conversations either – 80% of people actively use SMS messaging for business purposes. Something about text messaging engages merely people differently than emails and other written media.

In fact, an average CTR of 19% for SMS messaging far outclasses the 4% average for emails. While emails as a whole are easy to ignore, SMS messaging is personalized enough that almost everyone opens them. In fact, 90% of people do so – a hugely promising marketing frontier.

That means learning how to send customized SMS messages to your customers is now vital to stay competitive in business.

How does SMS marketing work?

SMS marketing is the deployment of marketing campaigns via customer messaging who have opted in or subscribed. There are also MMS text messages that utilize multimedia content, such as pictures, sounds, or videos.

Sending customized SMS marketing to your customers requires your business to have first reached a certain level of maturity. You need an existing customer base to whom you can market. From this base, you also need to have customers who opted in to demonstrate they’re happy to receive marketing communications.

However, this is not a major challenge for more businesses. And the advantages of SMS marketing make it well worth encouraging customers to sign up.

Why SMS marketing is important to Shopify merchants

With customer loyalty being highly selective, forming a positive rapport with your customers is now more important than ever. Due to the convenience of SMS messaging, customers expect a higher level of personalization from their favorite brands.

Email marketing has a poor penetration and conversion rate, especially when compared to SMS marketing because emails are so easy for companies to set up en masse.

Customers today receive hundreds of emails a week, if not daily. SMS messages are not as frequent, but their psychological connection to an individual’s phone number makes them feel that much more personal.

Brands are seeing 2.5% conversion rates on SMS marketing forms to collect phone numbers. Meaning consumer confidence is not only growing but there is likely plenty of untapped potential.

A key advantage unlocked with SMS marketing for Shopify stores is the power to own the customer experience from start to finish. Learning how to send customized SMS messages to your customers also unlocks versatile communication opportunities, including:

  • Advertising and informing about upcoming events
  • Creating VIP programs exclusive to SMS message subscribers
  • Offering checkout discount codes exclusively to SMS subscribers
  • Announcing new products and sale seasons directly to customers

What are the best apps for SMS marketing?

Moving towards Shopify SMS marketing does not necessarily mean entrepreneurs need to be responsible for writing legions of messages to their customer base. Business owners wondering how to send customized SMS messages to their buyers could be surprised at how many SMS marketing solutions are available today.

Here are some recommendations to consider and a description of their services and advantages.


When you need a simple SMS marketing solution with an easy setup, TextMagic is a strong contender.

Active for over 20 years, TextMagic has thrived thanks to its ease of use and intuitive interface. Users can get set up and see their first Shopify SMS marketing messages sent out in minutes.

You can send messages via TextMagic any time you choose but also schedule them ahead of time.

TextMagic SMS Editor
TextMagic SMS Editor

TextMagic also has templates that let you quickly set up and send recurring messages on specific themes or events. You can also use a powerful SMS to route feature via the TextMagic API.

Users can take advantage of TextMagic’s free trial to get a feel for Shopify SMS marketing. Still, there’s no contract to worry about either – TextMagic functions as an entirely pay-as-you-go service.


Setting up SMS marketing for your Shopify store can be quite a drain on time and resources to get campaigns up to speed.

MESA comes with a premium built-in app SMS by MESA that places great emphasis on automated workflows that can manage your SMS campaigns. For example, you can very easily set up automatic SMS marketing messages that give users discount codes.

Send a discount code with SMS by MESA
Send a discount code with SMS by MESA

Other creative SMS marketing ideas you can automate include –

  • Integrating workflows in your Shopify store and notify your team when a product goes out of stock.
  • Decreasing potential fraud by receiving a message when someone creates a fraudulent order.
  • Sending a text message upon package delivery with set-up instructions

Give your customers that feeling of being connected to your brand overall. As though you are more personally taking care of their purchasing experience – yet you are actually saving time, thanks to the power of automation.


Twilio SMS marketing is made possible thanks to a powerful and versatile tool. Any business owners who may have found Twilio a touch too technical in the past may want to reconsider.

Although the platform favors coding knowledge, you can still send SMS messages with only a few lines of code. Twilio also provides in-depth API documentation for SMS shortcuts for common use cases.

Twilio SMS pricing is competitive because of how many variables your SMS marketing can cover with this software. For instance, if a package is delayed in transit, Twilio SMS messages can be triggered to smooth out the rest of the buyer’s journey.

A unique feature of Twilio SMS is you’re able to measure the performance of large-scale advertisements easily. This happens by tracking incoming data and opt-in rates all from Twilio’s unique console.

Twilio SMS Dashboard
Twilio SMS Dashboard

You can even expand beyond SMS with Twilio into MMS, WhatsApp or add multichannel messaging via Twilio SMS Conversations. Twilio SMS also integrates with MESA to make it even easier to perform everyday Twilio actions automatically.


When you want to send customized SMS marketing messages both at scale and one-to-one, SimpleTexting has plenty to offer.

By creating a contact list, users can easily send identical SMS marketing messages to countless contacts at once – perfect for wide-reaching campaigns or big announcements.

Customers can also sign up for your Shopify SMS marketing using keywords. For example, you could advertise that if customers text the phrase ‘BONUS’ to a given cell phone number, they are added to your Shopify SMS marketing contact list – and can receive exclusive offers through messages you create with SimpleTexting.

Customize SMS Marketing Campaigns with SimpleTexting
Customize SMS Marketing Campaigns with SimpleTexting

Discount codes can be very rapidly created using SimpleTexting too. The full service also benefits from a comprehensive analytics dashboard that helps users understand which campaigns are the most efficient.


Klaviyo offers both email and SMS marketing tools, yet Klaviyo SMS marketing really deserves your attention here.

Its functionality offers personalized and more generic and broad-reaching automated SMS capabilities. However, the ease of use for both businesses and customers makes Klaviyo SMS tools so easy to recommend.

In addition, Klaviyo functionality gives customers options in how they sign up for your SMS marketing. This could be consent to opt-in at checkout, or rather multi-step forms or click-to-text web forms.

Klaviyo SMS Workflow
Klaviyo SMS Workflow

Klaviyo SMS functionality is designed to help keep customers engaged and increase revenues for those entrepreneurs using it for Shopify SMS marketing purposes.

That means intelligent solutions such as sending an SMS message to users who have abandoned their carts online, but there are also other powerful resources to put to good use.

Klaviyo also enjoys a degree of interoperability with other platforms – meaning that you can easily import contact lists and other data from different Shopify SMS marketing tools to make use of Klaviyo features if you choose. SMS by MESA features a template designed to help you do exactly that.

For example, Klaviyo SMS toolkits allow you to notify customers when fast-moving and highly desirable products are back in stock. Users can also set up exclusive offers, deals, and discount codes and alert customers to more permanent price drops among your product range.

Shopify SMS marketing is as versatile as you make it

It can be easy to assume that the best way to reach out to your customers and encourage them to keep spending is via the usual channels of social media and email.

But more often than not customers just want a personalized direct approach. In that regard, SMS marketing for Shopify stores is a great way of reaching customers in a meaningful and impactful way.

The barrier to entry is very low, too. With SMS marketing, even the most simple or outdated mobile devices today have the capability of receiving your content. Even 20 years old or more, mobile handsets can quickly receive these marketing communications, making for a diverse customer base.

Similarly, learning how to send customized SMS marketing messages to your buyers need not be an exercise in time-consuming typing or advanced coding capabilities.

Tools and resources designed to take advantage of the wealth of data, even a simple cell phone number put at your disposal. Create enticing offers, invitations to reverse course on cart abandonment, or simply announcements and community events that keep your buyers loyal and engaged.

With MESA, you can use existing templates and not worry about the technicalities. It’s free forever and you can integrate it with your Shopify store to reach your SMS marketing campaign goals.

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