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How does Smartrr work with Shopify Flow?

With Shopify Flow and Smartrr connected, you can get more accomplished so your business can thrive.

  • Automated Subscription Renewal Reminders

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    Send timely reminders to customers ensuring they are aware of upcoming charges and have the option to update their preferences or cancel if needed.

  • Personalized Marketing Campaigns

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    Create targeted email or SMS campaigns promoting relevant products and offers to drive customer engagement and increase revenue.

  • Inventory Forecasting and Replenishment

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    Predict subscription product demand, allowing for efficient inventory planning, optimized stock levels, and reduced stockouts or overstocking.

  • Customer Support Ticket Automation

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    Automatically create and assign support tickets for subscription-related inquiries, streamlining the process and ensuring timely resolution.

  • Subscription Revenue Reporting and Analytics

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    Automate revenue tracking and provide real-time insights into key performance indicators to enable data-driven decision-making for business growth.

How to connect Shopify Flow to Smartrr

Time needed: 3 minutes.

Connecting Shopify Flow to Smartrr has never been easier. With MESA, making complex integrations between Shopify Flow and Smartrr only takes a few minutes.

  1. Included
    First, create a new workflow in MESA.

    Workflows are simply the steps of an automation that runs automatically.

  2. Included
    Next, pick one of the apps as a trigger step.

    This is what kicks off your automation to run automatically.

  3. Included
    Then, choose an action step from another app.

    This is the "ah-ha" moment you've been waiting for...

  4. Included
    Lastly, personalize the data being sent from one app to another.

    Use the various fields to personalize your workflow.

  5. Included

    Just turn on this Shopify Flow to Smartrr workflow and MESA will start doing this work for you.

Supported Shopify Flow & Smartrr workflow steps:

Then, make your workflow do this...

  • Image
    Trigger a Flow Workflow
    Send an event action to a workflow in Shopify Flow
  • Image
    Get List of Bills
    Obtain a list of bills.
  • Image
    Retries Bill
    Retries a bill.
  • Image
    Get List of Bill Audit History
    Obtain a list of bill audit history.
  • Image
    Add Cancellation Reason
    Append a cancellation reason.
  • Image
    Get List of Cancellation Reasons
    Obtain a list of cancellation reasons.
  • Image
    Update Cancellation Reason
    Modify a cancellation reason.
  • Image
    Delete Cancellation Reason
    Remove a cancellation reason.
  • Image
    Get List of Customer Relationships
    Obtain a list of customer relationships.
  • Image
    Import Customer Relationship from Shopify Customer
    Bring in a customer relationship from a Shopify customer.
  • Image
    Import Customer's Payment Methods from Shopify
    Bring in a customer's payment method from Shopify.
  • Image
    Get List of Payment Methods
    Obtain a list of payment methods.
  • Image
    Get List of Purchase States
    Obtain a list of purchase states
  • Image
    Create Purchase State
    Create a purchase state.
  • Image
    Get List of Purchase State Line Items
    Obtain a list of purchase state line items.
  • Image
    Update Line Item on Purchase State
    Modify the purchase state of a specific line item.
  • Image
    Swap Purchase State Line Items
    Swap the purchase state of line items.
  • Image
    Remove Line Item from Purchase State.
    Delete line item from purchase state.
  • Image
    Update Shipping Price on Purchase State
    Modify shipping price on purchase state.
  • Image
    Update External Subscription Dates on Purchase State
    Modify external subscription dates on purchase state.
  • Image
    Update Address on Purchase State
    Modify address on purchase state.
  • Image
    Pause Purchase
    Halt a purchase.
  • Image
    Cancel Purchase
    Cancel a purchase.
  • Image
    Activate Purchase
    Initiate a purchase.
  • Image
    Skip Purchase
    Omit a purchase.
  • Image
    Unskip Purchase
    Resume a purchase.
  • Image
    Set Next Billing Date on Purchase
    Establish a next billing date on purchase.
  • Image
    Set Selling Plan on Purchase
    Establish a selling plan on purchase.
  • Image
    Apply Discount on Purchase
    Use a discount on a purchase.
  • Image
    Add Line Item To Purchase
    Append a line item to a purchase.
  • Image
    Delete Discount on Purchase
    Remove a discount on a purchase.
  • Image
    Retrieve Purchase State by Shopify Subscription Id
    Grab all details about purchase state by Shopify subscription id.
  • Image
    Get List of Orders by Shopify Subscription Id
    Obtain a list of orders by Shopify subscription id.
  • Image
    Get List of Events by Shopify Subscription Id
    Obtain a list of events by Shopify subscription id.
  • Image
    Get List of Bills by Shopify Subscription Id
    Obtain a list of bills by Shopify subscription id.
  • Image
    Get List of Selling Plan Groups
    Obtain a list of selling plan groups.
  • Image
    Get List of Addons Configs
    Obtain a list of addons configs.
  • Image
    Get List of Orders
    Obtain a list of orders.
  • Image
    Get List of Formatted Orders
    Obtain a list of formatted orders.
  • Image
    Get List of Purchasables
    Obtain a list of purchasables.
  • Image
    Get List of Purchasable Collections
    Obtain a list of purchasable collections.
  • Image
    Retrieve Setup Status for Organization
    Get the setup status for an organization.
  • Image
    Update Setup Status for Organization
    Modify setup status for an organization.
  • Image
    Complete Historical Orders Sync
    Conduct a historical orders sync.
  • Image
    Get List of Customer Portal Themes
    Obtain a list of customer portal themes.
  • Image
    Update Customer Portal Theme
    Modify a customer portal theme.
  • Image
    Update Purchasable Theme
    Modify a purchasable theme.
  • Image
    Migrate Recharge Purchase State
    Migrate a Recharge purchase state.
  • Image
    Rollback Recharge Purchase State
    Revert a Recharge purchase state.

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