Connect Shopify Flow with Google Analytics in just a few clicks

Automate your Shopify store without writing code. Define tasks to create your Shopify Flow workflows and start building automations today.

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Shopify Flow to Google Analytics Integration Solutions

Create your own workflows between Shopify Flow and Google Analytics

Easily design, create, and run automated workflows to use Shopify Flow and Google Analytics together. Using Mesa'a visual workflow builder, you can define the automation workflow unique for your Shopify store. Transform the data during any integration step so it seamlessly fits however your business requires.

Start your automation when this happens:

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    Respond to Flow Action
    Respond to a flow action.

Then build your workflow to do this:

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    Create Transaction
    Send client data to Google Analytics.
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    Create Event
    Create a Google Analytics event.
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    Trigger a Flow Workflow
    Trigger a flow workflow.
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