Shopify Flow

Shopify has its own software called Shopify Flow that allows eCommerce stores to automate repetitive tasks so they can get back to business. Stores can instant access to a library of workflow templates for some of the most common eCommerce tasks. For example, you can track all of your negative reviews into a spreadsheet or get notified that a product is running low on stock.

Creative ideas to automate Shopify Flow...

  • Create a new HubSpot contact when they've purchased a high-value item.

  • Verify the identify of customers purchasing age-restricted products and automatically cancel orders that fail to meet minimum age requirements.

  • Convert new orders into a CSV file and send to your 3PL warehouse.

  • Sync order to Salesforce when a customer is tagged with "wholesale".

  • Add customers to your Mailchimp list after their first order.

Ways to start a Shopify Flow automation...

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    Respond to Flow Action
    Starts when Shopify Flow responds to an action

Things you can do with a Shopify Flow automation...

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    Trigger a Flow Workflow
    Send an event action to a workflow in Shopify Flow

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Shopify Flow

Shopify Flow increases efficiencies by utilizing task automations to help you focus on growing your store

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