New Connection: Edit and Store Files in Dropbox

Dropbox is a collaboration hub for teams working on all sorts of files from Google Docs and Microsoft Office to Trello boards and Powerpoint. Dropbox offers cloud storage with a secure, distributed infrastructure so files and data are safe. It can also manage much of your individual and team work with its intelligent project management features.

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Facebook Marketing for Shopify Stores: A Complete Guide for 2021

Facebook used to be a platform traditionally used to keep in touch with friends and family. 

Now, it has become one of your most powerful marketing tools as an eCommerce store. From a large user base to countless ways to target potential customers, the platform comes with everything you need to create winning campaigns.

If it’s your first time using Facebook to market your brand, however, the platform may seem intimidating, especially as news feed algorithms frequently constantly change by the day.

So to help you out, we’ve outlined this guide on how to start promoting your store on Facebook.

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