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MESA is the easiest way to create Shopify Flow and DocuSign integrations so you can automate any work - no code required.

MESA empowers you to build any solution. Scale faster and more efficiently than ever before. When you're able to build your ideas, you're free to explore unique ways to expand your role and business. What will you make today?

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How does DocuSign work with Shopify Flow?

With Shopify Flow and DocuSign integrations, you can get more done in days, not months. Automate the work that solves your everyday problems and the challenges currently holding back your progress.

  • Secure Contracts for Wholesale Orders

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    If you manage B2B sales through your Shopify store, integrating with DocuSign can facilitate seamless and legally-binding contract signing. You can send, track, and manage all agreements digitally, speeding up the sales process and enhancing your clients' trust.

  • Employment Agreements

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    Planning to hire for your online store? With DocuSign, you can automate the signing of employment contracts. As soon as you hire someone, the relevant documents can be sent for signature directly from your Shopify dashboard, ensuring a smooth onboarding process.

  • Supplier Agreements

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    Manage and sign all your supplier agreements digitally. As you add new products to your Shopify store or negotiate terms with suppliers, having an integrated system with DocuSign allows for fast and secure handling of these essential documents.

  • Customer Agreements

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    For specialized products or services that require specific customer agreements, you can set up automated workflows that send the necessary documents to customers for digital signing after purchase. This provides a professional touch and ensures legal compliance.

  • Record Keeping & Compliance

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    By having all your signed documents integrated into your Shopify system, you have a unified and secure place to manage all legal records. This not only makes it easier to find and access documents when needed but also aids in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

  • Solve more business-critical tasks

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    MESA helps you simplify your operations into efficient workflows that run immediately when the work happens. More ideas are now possible and more challeneges can be solved through the power of no-code automation solutions.

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How to connect Shopify Flow to DocuSign

Connecting Shopify Flow to DocuSign has never been easier. With MESA, making complex integrations between Shopify Flow and DocuSign only takes a few minutes — no code required. Automate basic data entry or connect the systems that run your business. Solve more business-critical problems with MESA and accomplish more with less resources.

  1. First, create a new workflow in MESA.

    Workflows are simply the steps of an automation that runs automatically.

  2. Next, pick one of the apps as a trigger step - this will start your workflow.

    This is what kicks off your automation to run automatically.

  3. Then, choose an action step from another app for unique customization.

    This is where the magic happens. 🪄

  4. Lastly, personalize the data being sent from one app to another.

    Use the various fields within each stel to personalize your workflow. Test your automation to ensure everything is running properly.

  5. Finished!

    Just turn on this Shopify Flow to DocuSign workflow and MESA will start doing this work for you. Look at you embracing the automation lifestyle!

Build your own Shopify Flow DocuSign workflows using these steps

Quickly make any workflow between two or more apps.

These are triggers. They're what start your workflow to run automatically. Use any of these trigger steps to start your workflow when…

These are actions. Workflows can multiple actions to make personalized integrations. Use any of these action steps to make your workflow do…

  • Trigger a Flow Workflow
    Send an event action to a workflow in Shopify Flow
  • Search for Specific Sets of Envelopes in Account
    Search for envelopes in your accounts.
  • Retrieve Envelope Status
    Grab all details about the overall status for a specific envelope.
  • Send, Modify a Draft Envelope, Void In-Process Envelope, or Purge Documents/Envelope Metadata
    Modify an envelope.
  • Get List of Envelope's Attachments
    Obtain a list of attachments for an envelope.
  • Adds Multiple Attachments To Draft or In-Process Envelope
    Appends multiple attachments to a draft or in-process envelope.
  • Deletes Attachment from Draft Envelope
    Remove attachment from a draft envelope.
  • Retrieves Attachment from Envelope
    Grab all details about an attachment from an envelope.
  • Adds Attachment To Draft or In-Process Envelope
    Appends an attachment to draft or in-process envelope.
  • Gets List of Envelope Audit Events for Envelope
    Obtain a list of envelope audit events for a specific envelope.
  • Retrieve PDF Transcript of All Comments in Envelope
    Grab a PDF file of all comments added to an envelope's documents.
  • Retrieve Custom Field Information for the Specified Envelope
    Grab all details about a custom field information for an envelope.
  • Update Envelope Custom Fields in Envelope
    Modify envelope custom fields names for draft and in-process envelopes.
  • Create Envelope Custom Fields for Envelope
    Create an envelope custom field for draft or in-process envelopes.
  • Delete Envelope Custom Fields for Draft or In-Process Envelope
    Remove custom fields from drafts or in-process envelopes.
  • Gets List of Documents in Envelope
    Obtain a list of envelope documents.
  • Retrieve Document from Envelope
    Grab all details about a single document from an envelope.
  • Add Or Replace Document in Envelope
    Appends or replaces a document in an envelope that's being processed or drafted.
  • Retrieve Custom Document Fields from Envelope Document
    Grab all details about document field information for an envelope document.
  • Update Custom Document Fields in Envelope Document
    Modify custom document fields in an envelope document.
  • Create Custom Document Fields in Envelope Document
    Create custom document fields for envelope document.
  • Delete Custom Document Fields from Envelope Document
    Remove custom fields from an envelope document.
  • Get List of HTML Definitions Used to Generate Dynamically Sized Responsive Documents
    Obtain a list of definitions used to generate a responsive document, which may be empty if the document ID is invalid.
  • Get List of Document Page Images Based on Input
    Obtain a list of document pages' images based on input.
  • Delete Page from Document in Envelope
    Remove a page from a document in an envelope according to its page number.
  • Retrieve Page Image from Envelope for Display
    Grab all details about an image of document page for display.
  • Rotate Page Image from Envelope for Display
    Rotate a page image to display left or right.
  • Create Preview of Responsive Version of Document
    Generate a preview of a document's responsive HTML version.
  • Get List of Templates Associated With Document in Envelope
    Obtain a list of associated templates of specified envelope's document.
  • Add Templates To Document in Envelope
    Append templates to an envelope's document.
  • Delete Template from Document in Envelope
    Remove a template from an envelope's document.
  • Retrieves a PDF document from the envelope with no CoC.
  • Get List of Email Setting Overrides for Envelope
    Obtain a list of email override settings for an envelope.
  • Update Email Setting Overrides for Envelope
    Modify the email override settings for a specific envelope.
  • Add Email Setting Overrides To Envelope
    Add email settings to change who an email is sent to, and use BCC for email archiving.
  • Delete Email Setting Overrides for Envelope
    Remove all email override settings for an envelope.
  • Get List of Envelope Tab Data for Envelope
    Download envelope and tab data from sent or shared envelopes.
  • Get List of Original HTML Definitions used to generate Responsive HTML for Envelope
    Obtain a list of original HTML definitions used to generate responsive HTML for an envelope.
  • Retrieve Envelope Lock Information
    Grab all details about a locked envelope if the requesting user is the one who locked it.
  • Update Envelope Lock
    Modify lock information for a locked envelope.
  • Lock Envelope
    Lock an envelope to prevent changes.
  • Delete Envelope Lock
    Remove the lock from an envelope while optionally saving or discarding changes made while the lock was active.
  • Retrieve Envelope Notification Information
    Grab all details about an existing envelope's notification, reminders, and expirations.
  • Set Envelope Notifications for Envelope
    Set notifications for an existing envelope with reminders and expirations either using request or account default settings.
  • Retrieve Status of Recipients for Envelope
    Grab all details about the status and tab values of all recipients in an envelope, and identify the current recipient in the routing list.
  • Delete Recipient from Envelope
    Remove recipient from a draft or sent envelope.
  • Retrieve Default Electronic Record & Signature Disclosure for Envelope
    Grab all details about the default electronic record and signature disclosure for a specified envelope.
  • Retrieve Electronic Record & Signature Disclosure for Envelope Recipient
    Grab all details about the recipient-specific electronic record and signature disclosure (ERSD) in HTML format, with the option to specify language.
  • Retrieve Document Visibility for Recipient
    Grab all details about a recipient's document visibility information.
  • Update Document Visibility for Recipient
    Modify a document's visibility for a recipient.
  • Create Resource Token for Sender To Request ID Evidence Data
    Create a token for a sender to provide identification data for a recipient.
  • Retrieve Initials Image for User
    Grab the image of the user's initials.
  • Set Initials Image for Accountless Signer
    Update initials image for accountless signer by uploading a gif, png, jpeg or bmp file under 200K in size. The credentials must match the sender and the signer's account must have certain properties set to true.
  • Retrieve Signature Information for Signer or Sign-in-Person Recipient
    Grab signer's or sign-in person recipient's signature information.
  • Retrieve Signature Image Information for Signer/Sign-in-Person Recipient
    Grab user signature image in the same format as uploaded.
  • Set Signature Image for Accountless Signer
    Modify signature image for accountless signer with supported image format and size, requires sender credentials and account settings.
  • Create Link to Page for Manually Reviewing Ids
    Create an URL for a manual recipient ID review page.
  • Update Document Visibility for Recipients
    Modify document visibility for recipients.
  • Create Preview of Responsive Versions of all Documents in Envelope
    Generate a preview of responsive HTML versions of all documents in an envelope before sending.
  • Get List of Templates Used in Envelope
    Obtain a list of names and IDs of server-side templates used in an envelope.
  • Add Templates To Envelope
    Append templates to an envelope.
  • Retrieve URL to Envelope Correction UI
    Grab the URL for embedding the envelope correction view of DocuSign's UI.
  • Revoke Correction View URL To Envelope UI
    Revoke the envelope UI correction view URL.
  • Create Envelope Recipient Preview
    Generate a preview URL for a draft envelope or template to enable the sender to see what the recipients will experience.
  • Get List of Workflow Definitions for Envelope
    Obtain a list of workflow definitions for a specified envelope.
  • Update Workflow Definition for Envelope
    Modify the workflow for a specific envelope, including scheduled sending and delayed routing.
  • Delete Workflow Definition for Envelope
    Remove workflow definition of a specified envelope and cancel scheduled email if any.
  • Get List of Scheduled Sending Rules for Envelope's Workflow Definition
    Obtain a list of scheduled sending rules based on template and workflow step.
  • Update Scheduled Sending Rules for Envelope's Workflow
    Modify scheduled sending rules for an envelope's workflow.
  • Delete Scheduled Sending Rules for Envelope's Workflow
    Remove scheduled sending rules for an envelope's workflow before the countdown begins.
  • Add New Step To Envelope's Workflow
    Add a new step to a workflow for an envelope.
  • Retrieve Specified Workflow Step for Template
    Grab all details of a specific workflow step for a specified envelope.
  • Update Workflow Step for Envelope
    Modify a specific workflow step for an envelope.
  • Delete Workflow Step from Envelope's Workflow Definition
    Remove a workflow step from an envelope.
  • Retrieve Delayed Routing Rules for Envelope's Workflow Step Definition
    Grab all details about the delayed routing rules for a workflow step.
  • Update Delayed Routing Rules for Envelope's Workflow Step Definition
    Modify a workflow step definition's delayed routing rules for an envelope.
  • Delete Delayed Routing Rules for Envelope Workflow Step
    Remove a delayed routing rule for an envelope's workflow step, but first make sure the delay is not in progress.
  • Retrieve Envelope Statuses for Envelopes
    Grab all envelope statuses for a set of envelopes.
  • Get List of Envelope Transfer Rules
    Obtain a list of envelope transfer rules for the associated account (restricted to Administrators and with Transfer Custody feature enabled).
  • Change Status of Multiple Envelope Transfer Rules
    Change the status of one or more envelope transfer rules to enable/disable them.
  • Create Envelope Transfer Rule
    Create an envelope transfer rule.
  • Change Status of Envelope Transfer Rule
    Change the status of an envelope transfer rule between enabled and disabled.
  • Delete Envelope Transfer Rule
    Remove an envelope transfer rule if you're an Administrator with the enabled Transfer Custody feature.
  • Creates an envelope
    Creates and sends an envelope or creates a draft envelope
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