Adding more Google Sheets integrations helps eliminate the routine, everyday tasks of running a Shopify store.

Unify your data between Google Sheets and FTP by MESA integrations for a single source of truth. Your business can make confident business decisions based on more accurate data sources.

MESA makes integrations like Google Sheets to FTP by MESA easy to add without code.

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Official Shopify Integration Partner
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Make no-code integrations from Google Sheets to FTP by MESA

Then, make your workflow do this...

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    Save FTP file
    Save a file to a FTP server.
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    Create Row
    Add a row to an existing Google Sheets spreadsheet.
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    Update Row
    Modify an existing row in your spreadsheet.
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    Retrieve Row
    Returns all of the columns in a specific row of your spreadsheet.
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    List Row
    Returns a list of rows in a Google Sheets spreadsheet.
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    Create New Sheet
    Adds a new Sheet to an existing Google Sheets spreadsheet.

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