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Extend the capabilities of Yotpo by integrating automation workflows with Mesa. Run no-code workflows and move information to seamlessly connect a world of applications and data. Utilize any of our free workflow templates to integrate your connections fast.

Create Yotpo to Shopify workflows

No-code, workflow utilities make Yotpo integrations easy

Mesa has built-in helper Connections that extend the possibilities of your workflow giving you more freedom to build automations that truly cater to your business operations.

  • Workflow Utility: Delays


    Delay or pause your automation for a specified amount of minutes, hours or days before it can proceed to the next action.

  • Workflow Utility: Email


    Send emails with custom variables within any automation.

  • Workflow Utility: Filter


    Stop the execution of an automation if a value in your payload doesn't match what you're expected.

  • Workflow Utility: FTP


    Download, upload and share files to a FTP server. Easily map the data to a format that Shopify or another system expects and pass it along to the next step.

  • Workflow Utility: Image


    Manipulate and process images by adding image effects, watermark overlays, identify colors, remove backgrounds and more.

  • Workflow Utility: Iterator


    Execute the next step of your automation for each batch of data sent from a Connector.

  • Workflow Utility: Schedule


    Schedule an automation to execute on a specific date and time. Product launches, theme changes, payment processing and more.

  • Workflow Utility: Transform


    Converts the payload sent from the previous step into a form that the next step expects.

  • Workflow Utility: Virtual Output

    Virtual Output

    This acts like a queue which allows you to process triggers and workflows then will resume based on a time interval at the end of an automation.

  • Workflow Utility: Webhooks


    Start automations from events or requests within third party services or apps.

  • Workflow Utility: Custom Code

    Custom Code

    Still want to get under the hood? You can still write Javascript and complex logic within an automation that might otherwise be difficult with the Mesa building blocks.

  • Workflow Utility: HTTP


    Make an API call to any publicly-available endpoint on the Internet.

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Yotpo is an eCommerce marketing platform filled with advanced solutions such as SMS marketing, referrals, customer reviews, and visual marketing.

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