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Uploadery offers everything you need to let shoppers upload files when adding products to their cart. Uploadery allows you to add an unlimited number of upload fields to your products while allowing the file uploads to have a maximum of 2GB each (100x more than any other app)! One of the few apps that allows any file types (i.e. .jpg, .gif, .pdf, .png). You also have the ability to configure the maximum and minimum heights, widths, and aspect ratios.

With Mesa and Uploadery together, you can send files from Shopify to third party services.

Starting a Uploadery automation...

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    When an order is created.

Creative ways to use Mesa with Uploadery

  • Email your customers a preview of their made-to-order item.

  • Copy the customer's files to an FTP server for storage.

  • Send print-on-demand orders directly to the manufacturer for fulfillment.

  • Verify a customer’s age using a photo of their identification documents.

  • Convert vector art to PDF files or raster images.