How to Automatically Copy Line-Item Properties to the Order Notes Field on Shopify

Line-item properties are a great tool for Shopify stores to capture product customization information from their customers at the time they order. Unfortunately, there are a number of popular third-party services that do not support line-item properties and are unable the read the data held in them. One common workaround is to put the contents of the line-item properties into the more universal “order notes” field, which most services can read.

In this article, we’ll show you how to create a workflow using Mesa that automatically copies the line-item properties added by Infinite Options into the notes field of your order.

1. Define Your Trigger & Actions

Begin on the Mesa dashboard. Our workflow will be triggered when a new order comes in containing information from Infinite Options. So, select “Infinite Options”, “Order” and “Created” in Connect this….

Next, choose “Shopify”, “Order” and “Update” from the With this one! section.

Click the “Make My Automation” button and you’ll be directed to the workflow builder:

2. Define the Notes Field

The Configuration section is where we tell Mesa to copy the line-item properties into the notes. To do so, scroll down to Note and using the Token Insert button, locate the line items properties name and value or copy paset the follwing into the textarea provided: {{infiniteoptions_order.fields[].name}} - {{infiniteoptions_order.fields[].value}}

3. Save the Updated Order

The final step is to tell Mesa that we want this change to happen on the same order that initially triggered the workflow, so we enter {{}} in the Order ID field (or select it after pressing the {+} Insert button). 


This workflow can be altered for any Shopify app that makes use of line-item properties.

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