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Social proof is a powerful trigger when it comes to driving more conversions to your eCommerce store. 79% of customers believe that social proof such as user-generated content can significantly influence their buying decisions. 

That’s where Stamped comes in. The eCommerce marketing platform allows stores to collect product reviews, consumer photos, Net Promoter Scores (NPS), and more that you can use to showcase across your website. It’s going to help you build more social proof for your business and gain your customers' trust. 

It only takes one click with the platform to showcase your customer feedback to your website and you can customize it to fit the look and feel of your brand (logo, colors, font, etc). You get to choose which review you want to publish. To encourage customers to drop in their reviews, you can also offer them coupons in exchange for feedback or retarget customers on social media. 

Start workflows when...

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    Review Created
    Starts when a review is created.
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    Review Updated
    Starts when a review is modified.
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    Question Created
    Starts when a question is created.
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    Question Updated
    Starts when a question is modified.
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    Net Promoter Score Created
    Starts when a net promoter score is created.
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    Net Promoter Score Updated
    Starts when a net promoter score is updated.

Things you can do with workflows...

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    List Customer
    Obtain a list of customers.
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    Retrieve Customer
    Grab all details about the customer.
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    Create Customer
    Create a new customer.
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    Add Points Adjustment to Customer
    Increase the amount of points for an existing customer account.
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    List Net Promoter Scores
    Obtain a list of net promoter scores.
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    List Product
    Obtain a list of products.
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    Add / Update Product
    Create and modify a product.
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    List all Product Group
    Obtain a list of all product groups.
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    Add / Update Product Group
    Create and modify a product group.
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    Delete Product Group
    Remove a product group.
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    List Question
    Obtain a list of questions.
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    Create Question
    Create a question.
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    Add Answer to Question
    Respond to a question.
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    List Review
    Obtain a list of reviews.
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    Create Review
    Create a review.
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    Publish Review
    Post a review.
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    Unpublish Review
    Deactivate a review.
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    List Review Request
    Obtain a list of review requests.
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    Retrieve Review Request
    Grab all details about the review request.
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    Update Review Request
    Modify a review request.
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    Delete Review Request
    Remove a review request.
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    Create Review Request
    Create a review request.
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    Send Review Request
    Leave a review request.
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    Create Order Reward
    Create an order that rewards the customer.
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    Add Points for Custom Action Reward
    Increase a customer’s points for a custom action.
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    Redeem Reward
    Claim a reward.
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    Get Data Reward
    Obtain data of customer’s past rewards.
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    List Survey Unsubscribe
    Obtain a list of unsubscribed surveys.
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    Add Survey Unsubscribe
    Unsubscribe a customer from a survey.
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    Remove Survey Unsubscribe
    Delete a customer from unsubscribed surveys.

Scale faster by integrating Shopify workflows into your business

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Creative Workflows

  • Send a Slack message to key channels when a review is created.

  • Create a review request and email customers 3 days after an order is delivered

  • Increase loyalty point totals when a customer places a Shopify order. 

  • Track a Klaviyo event when a net promoter score is created. 

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