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Shipping is an essential part of doing shipping, but it can also eat away so much of your time. That’s where ShipStation comes in.

ShipStation enables Shopify store owners by increasing efficiencies in processing, fulfilling, shipping, and inventory management. It connects all major carriers together so you get the best competitive rates on shipping each time. The platform allows Shopify stores to automate pretty much every step of their shipping strategy. That includes repetitive tasks such as adding product details to each order and printing out shipping labels.

As a bonus, ShipStation comes with a mobile app that store owners can download. You’ll be able to manage your shipments, view reports, check pending orders, and more no matter where you are.

Mesa helps stores save time and money on order fulfillment with Shipstation. You can create a workflow for whenever a customer, shipment, product, or order is created.

Start ShipStation workflows when...

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    Customer Created
    Starts when a customer account is created.
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    Product Created
    Starts when a new product is created.
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    Shipment Created
    Starts when a shipment is created for a recent order.
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    Order Created
    Starts when a new order is created or imported.
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    Order Updated
    Starts when an order is updated with new information.
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    Order Shipped
    Starts when a fulfilled order is shipped.
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    Order's Items are Shipped
    Starts when an item in an order is shipped.

Things you can do with ShipStation workflows...

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    Get List of Customers
    Obtain a list of existing customers.
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    Add Funds to Carrier Account
    Increase the amount of funds to a carrier's account.
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    List Carriers
    Obtain a list of shipping carriers.
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    Update Product
    Update a product's details.
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    Create Label for Shipment
    Create a shipping label for a shipment.
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    Void Shipment Label
    Cancel a shipment label.
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    Add Tag to Order
    Attach a tag to an existing order.
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    Get List of Orders
    Obtain a list of existing orders.
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    Create Label for Order
    Create a shipping label for an order.
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    Create Order
    Create an order.
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    Update Order
    Update an order with new information.
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    Delete Order
    Remove an order.
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    Hold Order
    Pause an order.
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    Mark Order as Shipped
    Classify an order as shipped.
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    Remove Tag on Order
    Delete a tag from an existing order.
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    Restore Order from On Hold
    Unpause an order that is currently on hold.
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    Unsassign User from Order
    Remove an user from an existing order.

Scale faster by integrating Shopify workflows into your business

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Creative ShipStation Workflows

  • Tag unfulfilled Shopify orders that were placed by the same customer if multiple orders exist.          

  • Void a shipping label when an order is cancelled.

  • Put an order's fulfillment on hold while it is being investigated as fraudulent.

  • Add funds to a local carrier when an order is placed from that specific location.

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