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ShipStation enables Shopify store owners by increasing efficiencies in processing, fulfilling, shipping, and inventory management.

You can offer low shipping rates to customers since ShipStation offers real-time shipping rates for all carriers. It has the ability to integrate with over 70 selling outlets and provide customers a tracking page for their orders. The dashboard provides real-time data analysis on inventory levels, average order volume data, shipping revenue, and etc.

With Mesa and ShipStation together, you can speed up long and difficult tasks by combining actions between ShipStation and your Shopify store.

Customize these workflows for ShipStation

Deploy these templates and customize them with just a few clicks. Our team of automation experts built and tested these workflow templates to get you up and running fast. No code necessary.

Creative ideas to automate ShipStation...

  • Tag unfulfilled Shopify orders that were placed by the same customer if multiple orders exist.          

  • Void a shipping label when an order is cancelled.

  • Put an order's fulfillment on hold while it is being investigated as fraudulent.

  • Add funds to a local carrier when an order is placed from that specific location.

Ways to start a ShipStation automation...

  • Image
    Customer Created
    Starts when a customer account is created.
  • Image
    Product Created
    Starts when a new product is created.
  • Image
    Shipment Created
    Starts when a shipment is created for a recent order.
  • Image
    Order Created
    Starts when a new order is created or imported.
  • Image
    Order Updated
    Starts when an order is updated with new information.
  • Image
    Order Shipped
    Starts when a fulfilled order is shipped.
  • Image
    Order's Items are Shipped
    Starts when an item in an order is shipped.

Things you can do with a ShipStation automation...

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    Get List of Customers
    Obtain a list of existing customers.
  • Image
    Add Funds to Carrier Account
    Increase the amount of funds to a carrier's account.
  • Image
    List Carriers
    Obtain a list of shipping carriers.
  • Image
    Update Product
    Update a product's details.
  • Image
    Create Label for Shipment
    Create a shipping label for a shipment.
  • Image
    Void Shipment Label
    Cancel a shipment label.
  • Image
    Add Tag to Order
    Attach a tag to an existing order.
  • Image
    Get List of Orders
    Obtain a list of existing orders.
  • Image
    Create Label for Order
    Create a shipping label for an order.
  • Image
    Create Order
    Create an order.
  • Image
    Update Order
    Update an order with new information.
  • Image
    Delete Order
    Remove an order.
  • Image
    Hold Order
    Pause an order.
  • Image
    Mark Order as Shipped
    Classify an order as shipped.
  • Image
    Remove Tag on Order
    Delete a tag from an existing order.
  • Image
    Restore Order from On Hold
    Unpause an order that is currently on hold.
  • Image
    Unsassign User from Order
    Remove an user from an existing order.

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