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As an eCommerce business, building a big list of email subscribers is just the first step. To drive more sales, you also need to engage your subscribers, so they eventually pull the trigger.

Omnisend is an automation platform that provides stores with all the tools they need to send personalized, engaging emails. It allows merchants to set up emails for different situations, such as cart abandonment, welcome series, post transactions, and so much more.

Omnisend also combines the power of email with SMS marketing to generate even better results. Help target customers wherever they are, regardless of the device they’re using for an omnichannel experience — boosting your conversions and reach. Omnisend provides users with advanced analytics to insights into which emails drive the most clicks and sales. Eliminate any guessing game in your email strategy.

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Creative Omnisend Workflows

  • Create a product in Omnisend when a Shopify product is created.

  • Update an Omnisend contact’s details when a Hubspot customer is updated.

  • Send a postcard 20 days after an Omnisend order is created.

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