Loop Returns

Dealing with customer returns can be a headache. LoopReturns makes it easy by allowing customers to return their items and request exchanges all in one platform.

All the customer has to do to start their return is type in their order number and zip code to view if their items eligible for return. They don’t necessarily have to ask to get their money back: they can also demand a different size or new product instead. To invite the customer to come back to your store, Loop Returns comes with a “bonus credit” feature that offers an extra $15 to use if they want to exchange their product. It’s a great feature that helps you retain more customers and keep your refund rate low.

By syncing Mesa and LoopReturns together, it’s going to be easier to track and manage all of your customer returns. You can set up automation workflows whenever a customer or label gets created and when a restock is requested.

Creative ideas to automate Loop Returns...

  • Notify your logistics team via email when a Loops return is created.

  • Flag a Loops return when a Gorgias ticket is created.

  • Add a tag "return requested" to the Shopify order when a Loop return is created.

Ways to start a Loop Returns automation...

  • Image
    Label Created or Updated
    Starts when a label is created or modified.
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    Return Created or Updated
    Starts when a return is created or modified.
  • Image
    Restock Requested
    Starts when a restock is requested.

Things you can do with a Loop Returns automation...

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    List Packages Return
    Obtain a list of all packages by tracking statuses or timeframe.
  • Image
    List Returns Return
    Obtain a list of returns that were created within a given timeframe.
  • Image
    Process Return
    Return the funds to the customer.
  • Image
    Flag Return
    Mark a return.
  • Image
    Cancel Return
    Cancel a return.
  • Image
    Close Return
    Complete a return.
  • Image
    List Details of Return
    Obtain a list of return details.
  • Image
    List Blacklist
    Obtain a list of blacklists.
  • Image
    Create Blacklist
    Create a blacklist.
  • Image
    Retrieve Blacklist
    Grab all details about the blacklist.
  • Image
    Delete Blacklist
    Remove a blacklist.
  • Image
    List Whitelist
    Obtain a list of whitelists.
  • Image
    Create Whitelist
    Create a whitelist.
  • Image
    Retrieve Whitelist
    Grab all details about the whitelist.
  • Image
    Delete Whitelist
    Remove a whitelist.
  • Image
    Create Order
    Create an order.
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Loop Returns is a return application for the Shopify platform, helping merchants build customer relationships and empowering their team with automated return processes.

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