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Working on multiple projects at once can quickly get tiring and confusing. With so many documents to manage, it becomes difficult to find what you’re looking for.

Airtable is a collaborative platform that connects all of your projects in one place through the cloud. Businesses can use the tool to manage whatever list they have within their database, including customer lists, team deadlines, upcoming hires, and more. It’s the perfect project management tool for remote teams.

Combining Airtable with the automation superpowers of Mesa will make it even easier for you to manage all of your databases. You can set up a workflow each time a record is created or updated in the platform, such as notifying your entire company via Slack once a new record is added.

Get started with Mesa's pre-built workflow templates:

Start Airtable workflows when...

  • Image
    Record Created
    Starts when a record is created.
  • Image
    Record Updated
    Starts when a record is modified.

Things you can do with Airtable workflows...

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    Add Record
    Append a new record.
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    Update Record
    Modify an existing record.
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    Retrieve Record
    Grab all details about the record.
  • Image
    Delete Record
    Remove a record.
  • Image
    List Record
    Obtain a list of records.

Scale faster by integrating workflows into your daily routine

Creative ideas for Airtable automations:

  • Send Shopify order details to a Sales base as a new record.

  • Record positive and negative Yotpo reviews to a Reviews base.

  • Notify your entire company via Slack when an Airtable record is created.

Start Workflows with Airtable

Discover Airtable Integrations or read our Help Docs & FAQs to get started today.

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