How Hawaii Tee Times Saved $27,000 Annually with MESA

Hawaii Tee Times is the largest tee time provider in Hawaii, providing bookings at over fifty golf courses across the islands. They give golfers the best way to find and golf at courses on any island in the state. 


Despite the ease of booking that Hawaii Tee Times offers its customers, the online tee time booking experience originally required a large amount of manual labor for the Hawaii Tee Times employees. Customers would reserve their tee times on Hawaii Tee Times’ online store, powered by Shopify. The golf courses, however, run their tee sheets (the tee schedule) through various apps, individually chosen by that golf course. These apps all connect to Hawaii Tee Times’ central management system, EZ Links. Shopify, however, does not connect natively to EZ Links or any of the other tee sheet services golf courses were using. 

Thus, the Hawaii Tee Times employees would have to find each new tee time order and call up the correct golf course to place the order over the phone. At the golf course, an employee would then manually enter the tee time into the tee sheet. The tee sheet software would then trigger EZ Links to perform its post-scheduling activities, like sending out a confirmation email. 

This complicated process resulted in around 40 additional hours of work a week for the Hawaii Tee Times employees.


Hawaii Tee Times chose to use MESA to connect their Shopify store to EZ Links. Now when a reservation comes in, MESA automatically moves it into EZ Links. From there, EZ Links can schedule the time in the correct tee sheet and fire off a confirmation email. MESA is also moving any add-on items, such as rental clubs, from Shopify to the correct tee sheet. Ultimately, Mesa ensures that the customer has everything they need at the golf course without the Hawaii Tee Times employees having to call a golf course.

Results using MESA

Owner Leah Mutual says that MESA works so seamlessly, the Hawaii Tee Times employees don’t even remember that the connection isn’t native. 

“I would for sure recommend MESA to other interested buyers. We’ve had no issue with MESA, no complaints. At all.”
– Leah Mutual, Hawaii Tee Times Owner

MESA’s connection has resulted in Hawaii Tee Times saving $27,000 per year, due to all the time MESA gives the team back to focus on providing top-notch service for the golfers of Hawaii.

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