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  • Image
    List Customer
    Obtain a list of customers.
  • Image
    Retrieve Customer
    Grab all details about the customer.
  • Image
    Create Customer
    Create a new customer.
  • Image
    Add Points Adjustment to Customer
    Increase the amount of points for an existing customer account.
  • Image
    List Net Promoter Scores
    Obtain a list of net promoter scores.
  • Image
    List Product
    Obtain a list of products.
  • Image
    Add / Update Product
    Create and modify a product.
  • Image
    List all Product Group
    Obtain a list of all product groups.
  • Image
    Add / Update Product Group
    Create and modify a product group.
  • Image
    Delete Product Group
    Remove a product group.
  • Image
    List Question
    Obtain a list of questions.
  • Image
    Create Question
    Create a question.
  • Image
    Add Answer to Question
    Respond to a question.
  • Image
    List Reviews
    Obtain a list of reviews.
  • Image
    Create Review
    Create a review.
  • Image
    Publish Review
    Post a review.
  • Image
    Unpublish Review
    Deactivate a review.
  • Image
    List Review Request
    Obtain a list of review requests.
  • Image
    Retrieve Review Request
    Grab all details about the review request.
  • Image
    Update Review Request
    Modify a review request.
  • Image
    Delete Review Request
    Remove a review request.
  • Image
    Create Review Request
    Create a review request.
  • Image
    Send Review Request
    Leave a review request.
  • Image
    Create Order Reward
    Create an order that rewards the customer.
  • Image
    Add Points for Custom Action Reward
    Increase a customer’s points for a custom action.
  • Image
    Redeem Reward
    Claim a reward.
  • Image
    Get Data Reward
    Obtain data of customer’s past rewards.
  • Image
    List Survey Unsubscribe
    Obtain a list of unsubscribed surveys.
  • Image
    Add Survey Unsubscribe
    Unsubscribe a customer from a survey.
  • Image
    Remove Survey Unsubscribe
    Delete a customer from unsubscribed surveys.
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