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How does Data work with ShipStation?

With ShipStation and Data by MESA connected, you can get more accomplished so your business can thrive.

  • Centralized Data Management


    Centralize your product, customer, and order data so you can manage information from one place. This improves efficiency and consistency across different aspects of your store.

  • Enhanced Reporting and Analysis


    Consolidate data to generate more comprehensive reports. This helps in understanding customer behavior, sales trends, and other vital insights, allowing for more strategic decision-making.

  • Multi-channel Synchronization


    If you are selling across multiple channels, integrating your database with Shopify ensures that product information are consistent, enhancing your multichannel selling strategy.

  • Security and Compliance


    Storing sensitive information in a secured database to ensure that data handling complies with various regulations. This adds a layer of protection for both your business and your customers.

  • Cost Savings


    Automated and efficient data handling reduces manual labor costs and minimizes the risk of human error, leading to potential cost savings.

How to connect ShipStation to Data

Time needed: 3 minutes.

Connecting ShipStation to Data has never been easier. With MESA, making complex integrations between ShipStation and Data by MESA only takes a few minutes.

  1. Included
    First, create a new workflow in MESA.

    Workflows are simply the steps of an automation that runs automatically.

  2. Included
    Next, pick one of the apps as a trigger step.

    This is what kicks off your automation to run automatically.

  3. Included
    Then, choose an action step from another app.

    This is the "ah-ha" moment you've been waiting for...

  4. Included
    Lastly, personalize the data being sent from one app to another.

    Use the various fields to personalize your workflow.

  5. Included

    Just turn on this ShipStation to Data workflow and MESA will start doing this work for you.

Supported ShipStation & Data by MESA workflow steps:

Then, make your workflow do this...

  • Image
    Create Record
    Create a new record in a new or existing table.
  • Image
    Update Record
    Update an existing record in a table.
  • Image
    Update or Create Record
    Update and existing record if found, otherwise create a new record.
  • Image
    Run a custom SQL query to fetch a specific list of records in a table.
  • Image
    Retrieve Record
    Retrieve a single record from a table by specifying its ID.
  • Image
    Delete Record
    Delete a single record in a table.
  • Image
    Get List of Customers
    Obtain a list of existing customers.
  • Image
    Add Funds to Carrier Account
    Increase the amount of funds to a carrier's account.
  • Image
    List Carriers
    Obtain a list of shipping carriers.
  • Image
    Update Product
    Update a product's details.
  • Image
    Create Label for Shipment
    Create a shipping label for a shipment.
  • Image
    Void Shipment Label
    Cancel a shipment label.
  • Image
    Add Tag to Order
    Attach a tag to an existing order.
  • Image
    Get List of Orders
    Obtain a list of existing orders.
  • Image
    Create Label for Order
    Create a shipping label for an order.
  • Image
    Delete Order
    Remove an order.
  • Image
    Hold Order
    Pause an order.
  • Image
    Mark Order as Shipped
    Classify an order as shipped.
  • Image
    Remove Tag on Order
    Delete a tag from an existing order.
  • Image
    Restore Order from On Hold
    Unpause an order that is currently on hold.
  • Image
    Unsassign User from Order
    Remove an user from an existing order.
  • Image
    Retrieve Carrier
    Grab all details about the carrier.
  • Image
    Get List of Carrier Packages
    Obtain a list of packages by carrier code.
  • Image
    Get List of Carrier Services
    Obtain a list of services by carrier code.
  • Image
    Retrieve Customer
    Grab all details about the customer.
  • Image
    Get List of Fulfillments
    Obtain a list of fulfillments.
  • Image
    Create or Update Order
    Create or Update an Order.
  • Image
    Assign User to Order
    Add a user to an existing order.
  • Image
    Retrieve Order
    Grab all details about the order.
  • Image
    Get List of Orders By Tag and Status
    Lists all orders that match the specified status and tag.
  • Image
    Retrieve Product
    Grab all details about the product.
  • Image
    Get List of Products
    Obtain a list of products.
  • Image
    Get Shipping Rates
    Obtain a list of shipping rates.
  • Image
    Get Shipments
    Obtain a list of shipments.
  • Image
    Get Stores
    Obtain a list of installed stores on the ShipStation account.
  • Image
    Retrieve Store
    Grab all details about the store.
  • Image
    Update Store
    Modify a store's details.
  • Image
    Deactivate Store
    Deactivate a specific store.
  • Image
    Reactivate Store
    Reactivate a specific store.
  • Image
    Get List of Marketplaces
    Obtain a list of marketplaces that can be integrated with ShipStation.
  • Image
    Refresh Store
    Initiate a store refresh.
  • Image
    Retrieve Store Refresh Status
    Grab all details about the refresh status of a given store.
  • Image
    Get List of Users
    Obtain a list of users.
  • Image
    Get List of Ship From Locations
    Obtain a list of ship from locations.
  • Image
    Retrieve Ship From Location
    Grab all details about the ship from location.
  • Image
    Update Ship From Location
    Modify a ship from location's details.
  • Image
    Delete Ship From Location
    Delete a ship from location.
  • Image
    Create Ship From Location
    Create a ship from location.
  • Image
    Get List of Resource URL IDs
    Obtain a list of resource IDs from a resource URL

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