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Connecting your Shopify store to Data by MESA can provide several benefits; one of which is data warehousing. This allows you to store a large amount of historical data from your Shopify store and analyze it for reporting purposes. Start making data-driven decisions and gain valuable insights into your business. You can also create customized reporting. By storing your data in Data by MESA, you can write custom queries to retrieve specific subsets of data, which can be useful for creating customized reports.

Additionally, having your data in Data by MESA will provide more scalability and flexibility for handling a larger amount of data as your business grows. It also gives another layer of backup and disaster recovery, making it a safer option to store important data for your business.

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    Create Record
    Create a new record in a new or existing table.
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    Update Record
    Update an existing record in a table.
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    Update or Create Record
    Update and existing record if found, otherwise create a new record.
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    Run a custom SQL query to fetch a specific list of records in a table.
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    Retrieve Record
    Retrieve a single record from a table by specifying its ID.
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    Delete Record
    Delete a single record in a table.

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