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LoyaltyLion's loyalty, rewards, and referrals app is used by thousands of Shopify merchants and helps increase revenue, customer retention, and engagement.

Customers can join a points and referral program that rewards them points for: birthdays, reviews, purchases, and much more! Those rewards can be redeemed for free products, free shipping, VIP sales, and vouchers. LoyaltyLion integrates with a variety of popular Shopify apps as well. From the Loyalty Lion, you have unlimited ways to customize your membership program. You can create a program that fits the look and feel of your store within minutes, even with no coding skills.

Mesa integrates perfectly with LoyaltyLion. You can use both platforms together to improve your customer loyalty efforts, such as sending an email once a customer unsubscribes to a membership program to understand why.

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Creative LoyaltyLion Workflows

  • Add points to an existing customer's account for each ReCharge subscription renewal.

  • Send a personalized email to a customer when they unsubscribe from the LoyaltyLion program.

  • Notify your team via a Slack message when a customer unsubscribes from the LoyaltyLion program.

  • Award customers with points when they sign up for a Klaviyo list.

  • Update a Google Sheets when a LoyaltyLion customer's account is updated.

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“Great app for streamlining processes. The support team were incredibly helpful in assisting with implementation.”
The Pedla
5-star Rating
“The customer support team is UNREAL. Answered my questions in a timely manner and went so above and beyond to help me.”
Primally Pure
5-star Rating
“Mesa helped me automate tasks that take us a LOT of time. Now, we can focus on more important things for scaling the business.”
Club de Brodeuses
5-star Rating
Automation Experts Team