Holiday Hack: MESA’s Gift Guide for Time-Strapped E-commerce Operators

Merry BFCM, busy e-comm operators! 🌟 At MESA, we understand that you have a lot going on this festive season, so we’re bringing a little bit of holiday sparkle to your yule tide hustle. It’s a Gift Guide designed to hopefully shorten the amount of shopping YOU have to do while you’re busy running your Shop. We’ve handpicked a sleigh-load of gift ideas from our very own customer galaxy (because who knows the e-commerce elves better than us?). Consider this our way of spreading cheer and gratitude to our MESA family. So take a few minutes to deck your carts with joyous finds, all while boosting fellow entrepreneurs in our community. It’s time to make those lists, check them twice, and dive into a shopping experience as easy as a holiday pie!

For Blowing Your Holiday Guests’ Minds

Boarderie Charcuterie Board

Step into a world of gourmet delight with Boarderie’s artisanal cheese and charcuterie boards. Perfect for wow-ing guests or gifting a taste of luxury, their Happy Holidays Ciccetti Cheese & Charcuterie Board is a festive must-have. Elevate any holiday gathering with these exquisite, handcrafted selections.

The Bartesian Cocktail Mixer

Think: Keurig machine for tasty mixed drinks. Shake up your holiday spirits with Bartesian’s innovative cocktail mixer. Their ‘Tis the Season for Bartesian collection makes crafting professional-grade cocktails at home a breeze. Ideal for the mixologist at heart or anyone looking to add a splash of sophistication to their celebrations.

Surprise Cake

These cakes are a total show-stopper. Whether you’re revealing a hidden gift or just adding an element of surprise, this unique cake is guaranteed to be the centerpiece of holiday gifting. Build your own Surprise Cake for a memorable dessert experience.

Tea Drops & Frazy Canned Coffee & Bubble Tea

Infuse your holiday gatherings with the exotic flavors of Tea Drops’ ultra-cool tea-in-a-drop tea pods, and Frazy’s canned coffee & bubble tea. These delightful beverages are not just drinks, but conversation starters, perfect for entertaining guests or as a unique addition to your festive menu. Offering both convenience and taste, they’re sure to be a hit at any holiday event, making you the host with the most intriguing refreshment table.

For the Person Who Can Turn a Living Room into a Comedy Club

Chubbies Shorts

Chubbies brings fun and laughter to holiday attire with their Holiday Collection. Ideal for the family goofball or for coordinating matching family outfits, these vibrant and playful shorts are sure to bring smiles and chuckles.

Fancy Fanny

Put a personal, humorous spin on holiday gifting with Fancy Fanny. Their custom-printed shirts, socks, underwear, ornaments, and more featuring your face are perfect for a light-hearted and memorable gift. Their Holiday Collection offers a unique way to spread laughter and joy.

For the Person Who’s Crafting the Next Generation of Dreamers

The Landmark Kids

Inspire young minds with The Landmark Kids’ Geography & Culture Escape Boxes. These subscription boxes are a gateway to learning and adventure, perfect for the curious and creative child.


GLDN’s line of Kids/Family Initials Jewelry offers a beautifully personalized touch for a thoughtful gift. Customize a necklace with children’s initials, creating a piece that’s as unique and special as your loved ones.

GameTrader Zero

Elevate gaming with GameTrader Zero’s modded console controllers. We especially love the retro-inspired collection. Ideal for the gaming enthusiast in your life, these controllers blend nostalgia with modern functionality.

Sabertrio’ Lightsabers

As a kid, we dreamed of having a real lightsaber. So much power, so much badass-ery. Well now you cna gift the ultimate fantasy with Sabertrio’s real-life custom lightsabers. For those aspiring to be the best aunt or uncle, these authentic lightsabers offer an unforgettable experience for Star Wars fans and adventurers alike. And don’t worry – you can’t go slicing any limbs off. These are primarily for cosplay and to display. Check out their Instagram Reels for some awesome demo vids.

For the Person Whose Dog Has Its Own Social Media Following

CrewLaLa Dog Bowties

Add a touch of holiday flair to your furry friend with CrewLaLa’s Christmas Dog Collars. Perfect for the style-savvy pet or for those Instagram-worthy holiday photos.

The PetPoncho

We all have that friend or relative that’s obsessed with their dog. What better way to let them worship their four-legged friend than to snuggle up in a blanket covered in that floofer’s sweet lil face? We bring you: The PetPoncho. Featuring a custom images of their actual pet all over this comfy cuddle ‘fit, these wearable blankets are a super unique and cozy gift for pet lovers.

For the Person Who Considers Sweat the Best Accessory

Bandit Running

For the fitness aficionado in your life, Bandit Running offers top-tier running gear. Their products blend style with performance, perfect for those who take their workouts as seriously as their fashion. And their fresh new Winter Line will help that endorphin junkie you love nice ‘n cozy during the colder months ahead.

For the Gourmet Guru Who Considers the Kitchen Their Kingdom

Butter Pat Industries

Real cooks know that you can’t beat cast iron for even even, consistent cooking temperatures. Butter Pat Industries’ cast iron cookware is a dream for any culinary enthusiast. Their high-end cast iron collection, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation, makes every cooking experience a gourmet affair.

Texas Hill Country Olive Co

Everything’s bigger in Texas, right? Well that even goes for Olive Oil. Indulge the taste buds of the foodie in your life with Texas Hill Country Olive Co’s artisanal olive oils and vinegars. Their best sellers are a culinary exploration, perfect for elevating any dish.

For the Person Who Makes Every Day a Spa Day


Transform everyday skincare into a luxurious ritual with Solawave’s 4-in-1 Radiant Renewal Skincare Wand & Activating Serum Kit. It’s an ideal gift for beauty aficionados who love pampering themselves with high-tech skincare solutions.

For the Person Who Finds Museums as Exciting as Amusement Parks


Blackwing pencils are more than just writing tools; they’re a piece of art. Perfect for the artist or the art lover, these pencils promise to turn every stroke into a masterpiece.


Bring the wonder of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art into your home with SF MOMA’s curated collection. From artistic decor to inspiring books, there’s something for every art enthusiast.

For the Work BFF Who’s Your Partner in Brainstorming

Give Sunshine

Brighten up your colleague’s day with Give Sunshine’s delightful holiday boxes. Tailored for the season, these boxes are filled with joy and care, making them the perfect token of appreciation for your work BFF or a thoughtful colleague.


Treat your office buddy to the sweet taste of Mightylicious’ gluten-free cookies. These delectable treats are a wonderful way to show gratitude and make every coffee break a delightful experience.

For the Person Who Could Give a Ted Talk on ‘Unique’


Dive into the luxurious world of Assouline’s coffee table books. Ideal for the discerning reader or the aesthete, their Holiday Gift Guide is a trove of visually stunning and intellectually stimulating reads.


Bring the future of gardening indoors with Ingarden’s sleek, e-gardens. These stylish indoor gardens are perfect for the tech-savvy green thumb, offering a fresh and modern way to grow herbs and greens.


CultureFly’s funky theme boxes are the perfect surprise for the pop culture fanatic. From niche fandoms to mainstream hits, their boxes cater to all tastes pertaining to mass media and entertainment. Some of them are even subscriptions that delivery surprises on a theme every quarter.

There you have it. Hopefully you just got half your shopping list knocked out right there. And as we wrap up this treasure trove of holiday delights, remember: each click and purchase not only brings joy to your loved ones but also supports the passionate creators and innovators within our MESA community. These unique, handpicked items reflect the best of small business spirit, perfect for making this season truly special.

So, whether you’re ticking off items from your personal list or finding that perfect something for someone special, remember that the best gifts come with a story – a story of small businesses thriving with your support.

Happy holidays, happy shopping and happy selling from everyone at MESA! 🌟🎁🎉

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