Twilio is the most complete contact center platform for eCommerce businesses. The platform helps connect with customers on whichever channel they use the most, such as text message, email, and chatbot.

By adopting an omnichannel approach through Twilio, you’ll be able to reach customers wherever they are.You’ll be able to understand each step of your customer’s journey and their needs. By making every customer interaction count, you’ll see an increase in customer loyalty and retention.

Maximize Twilio’s capabilities with Mesa today. Our platform makes it possible to automate text messages each time a customer makes an action on your website, such as a notification that lets them know their order is shipped.

Customize these workflows for Twilio

Deploy these templates and customize them with just a few clicks. Our team of automation experts built and tested these workflow templates to get you up and running fast. No code necessary.

Creative ideas to automate Twilio...

  • Recover abandoned carts with a timely text message.

  • Send an SMS to your customers when their order is out for delivery.

  • Notify shoppers of sales, promotions, or limited time merchandise.

  • Show potential upsells before a subscription is fulfilled.

  • Remind customers when it's time to replenish consumable products.

Things you can do with a Twilio automation...

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    Send SMS
    Text a message to a phone number.

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Twilio is a platform that can streamline multiple channels of communication and help personalize the customer journey with advanced solutions

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