Field Notes Vol. 5-2024

Welcome to our monthly field notes of the latest enhancements and updates for MESA! Each month, our team works diligently to bring you new features, improvements, and integrations designed to make your work easier to accomplish.

Let’s jump in to see the adventure that occurred this May.

✨ New: Per-step testing

Testing a workflow from beginning to end can be problematic if there are errors. It can be difficult to isolate the issue and determine where in the workflow there is a problem. By simplifying testing and breaking it down into manageable parts, it’s easier to troubleshoot and confirm the results.

We overhauled testing by building it directly into the steps so you can validate the work as you go.

For more on how it all works, be sure to read the Testing doc.

per-step testing trigger

✨ New app integration: ChannelApe

ChannelApe is a popular inventory management service. There are currently only two workflow actions while we incorporate more of their APIs.

channelape workflow actions

✨ New Shopify trigger: Discount Created

This trigger event starts when a Shopify Discount is created. Take a look at this Shopify guide on how to create discounts. To use this, you will need to update your permission scopes to include read_discounts.

🚀 Improvement: Discord

For Discord integrations, we introduced new authentication, eliminating the need to create your own bots.

We removed the Guild ID field from all actions, as it is now automatically added.

We implemented typeahead for the Channel ID, so you can search for the channel directly instead of enabling “Developer mode” in Discord and copying and pasting the Channel ID.

discord authentication

As a result we also update the setup instructions for the following templates:

🚀 Improvement: Webhook subscriptions

Previously, our webhook triggers would subscribe when workflow are enabled, and unsubscribe when the workflow or trigger was deleted. This means that if you disable the workflow, you will still receive webhooks. However, they will be marked as “Skipped” tasks.

This update will unsubscribe from webhooks you disables the workflow, delete the workflow, uninstall the app, or delete the trigger.

So, if you disable the workflow, you will no longer receive “Skipped” tasks.

🚀 Improvement: Optional Fields

In an effort to reduce confusion and simplify the configuration of each step, we move all optional fields to a side sheets that is accessible from a “More options” button. We found users were struggling to find the right fields to customize and also user configuring fields that were unrelated.

We’ll continue listening to your feedback and iterate for delivering the best builder experience!

workflow builder optional fields

🚀 Improvement: MESA Docs

We improved the structure and wrote new articles to help everyone get started with MESA regardless of your experience with workflow automation. Check it out here:

🎵 For your ears: Only Soundtracks

Enjoy our Spotify playlist for May featuring hit songs in cinema. Can you pair each song with inspired movie?

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