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Mailchimp users can use Mandrill as a transaction email API.

It can send personalized and targeted one-to-one messages to customers filled with data driven information. Some features of Mandrill are dedicated IP pooling, automated dedicated IP warmup, multiple domains for each account, automatic feedback loop registration, and much more. Mandrill also contains in-depth analytics, dynamic and templates content, customizable sending options, and dynamic integrations.

With Mesa and Mandrill together, you can send out important information based on an event that occurs.

Creative workflows to use Mesa with Mandrill

  • Send a message to the customer when an order is created.

  • Transfer information to Mandrill when a customer account is created.

  • Send a message to customers when they abandon the products in their cart.

Things you can do with a Mandrill automation...

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    Send Template
    Transfer information in a form of a template.

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