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Mailchimp is one of the most preferred marketing platforms for small businesses.

Mailchimp offers marketing tools for small businesses to grow from ad automation to blast email sending. It offers: landing pages, segmentation, behavioral targeting, insights, content studio, and much more. This platform allows you to focus more on your sales, customers, and growing your audience.

With Mesa and Mailchimp together, you can generate highly personalized communications targeted at your customers.

Creative workflows to use Mesa with Mailchimp

  • Connect a customer's email address to a Mailchimp email list when a Salesforce deal is created.

  • Attach the customer's email to a purchased Mailchimp list when a ShipStation order is created.

  • Add a customer's email address to a Mailchimp list when a customer has been created in Shopify.

Things you can do with a Mailchimp automation...

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    Add Email with Merge Variables to list
    Attach an email with merge variables to an email list.

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