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Easily Create Shopify to Google Analytics Integrations

Extend the capabilities of Google Analytics by integrating automation workflows using MESA. Build no-code workflows and move information to seamlessly connect your applications and data. Utilize any of our free workflow templates to integrate your apps fast.

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How Google Analytics integrations work with MESA

MESA is the no-code platform for Shopify stores. It frees your team from performing repetitive tasks, enables you to provide new experiences for your customers, and connects your store with all of the software, apps, and services needed to grow your business.

Use MESA's built-in workflow apps to easily extend Google Analytics

  • Delays

    Pause your workflow for a specified amount of minutes, hours or days before proceeding.

  • Email

    Send emails with custom variables within any automation.

  • Filter

    Stop the worflow from running if a value in your payload doesn't match what you're expected.

  • Image

    Manipulate images with effects, watermarks, identify colors, remove backgrounds and more.

  • Iterator

    Execute the next step of your workflow for each batch of data sent from an app.

  • Schedule

    Schedule automations to start on a specific date and time.

  • Forms

    Create forms with any field types to receive data in workflows.

  • FTP

    Download, upload and share files to any FTP server.

  • Transform

    Converts the payload sent from the previous step into a form that the next step expects.

  • Webhooks

    Connect to custom apps and instantly send and receive data between systems.

  • Custom Code

    Get under the hood to write Javascript and complex logic within an automations.

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