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Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to report and track website traffic along with providing insight about your customer's behaviors.

It can track bounce rate, store visit length, and store traffic. Then, you can break down the data into valuable metrics to help plan for your store's future.

With Mesa and Google Analytics together, you can grab important information and send that information to Google Analytics.

Free workflow templates for Google Analytics

Deploy and customize these workflow automations with just a few clicks. Our team of automation experts built and tested these workflow templates to get you up and running fast. No code necessary.

Creative workflows to use Mesa with Google Analytics

  • Determine which acquisition channels creates the highest lifetime value.

  • Compare Facebook advertising results directly against Adwords spend for product page remarketing campaigns.

  • Monitor which products most often result in refunds.

  • Add customer account creation as a step in your sales funnel.

  • Determine how customers’ locations affect average shipping times.

  • Discover the percentage of failed payments that come from new visitors.

Things you can do with a Google Analytics automation...

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    Create Transaction
    Send client data to Google Analytics.
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    Create Event
    Start a new Google Analytics event.

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